Monday, June 22, 2020

 TOYS figma Heavy Armament High School Girls: Ichi - Preorder US$86.90

Product Synopsis
   From the original work "Heavy Armament High School Girls" by illustrator neco, we commercialize "another" Ichi who operates a motorcycle.

 Product Specifications
 » Adopted unique joints around the neck and cape so that the riding position can be taken naturally.
 » Adopted a drawer joint for the hip joint. Further expand the range of motion.
 » Includes replacement skirt parts for riding positions.
 » Please enjoy it in combination with the separately sold motorcycle "ex:ride BK91A".
 » Other accessories include a large sword with a deformation mechanism, a scabbard, a hood head, and goggles bangs.
 » There are 3 types of facial expressions: an expressionless face, a smile, and a troubled face.
 » Includes setting material card
 *"Ex:ride BK91A" is not included

 Order Details
Preorders for this figma figure are welcome to ship in late March 2021.

 Product Specs
 Dimension: H15cm (H5.90")
 Material: PVC, ABS
 Product SKU: 4545784066737
 Japanese Title: figma 重兵装型女子高生 壱 [another]
 Territory/Language: Japan