Tuesday, November 19, 2019

 TOYS CandyBox Kimmy & Miki Rainbow Circus Series - Import Preorder US$108.90

Product Synopsis
   The circus is in town with the fourth edition of the Kimmy & Miki figure series where the girls are transformed into clowns, magicians, and bears. The set features 10 standard figures along with two secret repaints and two secret figures. The variants in the upcoming set are as follows:

» Kimmy Clown
» Miki Clown
» Kimmy Bear
» Miki Bear

» Kimmy Magician
» Miki Magician
» Kimmy Bunny Girl
» Miki Kitty Girl
» Kimmy Poker Girl
» Miki Poker Girl

Preorders are welcome to ship in late December 2019 at JPY12000 or US$108.90 per box of 10. Due to the secret figures in this set, please note that purchasing one factory box won't garner you the complete set of 14 variants.

Product Specs
Manufacturer: 52TOYS
Dimension: H8cm (3.14")
Material: PVC, ABS
Japanese Title: 52TOYS CandyBOX KIMMY&MIKI 虹色のサーカスシリーズ 
Product SKU: 4582428473117
Territory/Language: Japan