Tuesday, July 17, 2007

SOTD Famicom Disk System: Akumajou

Konami's Akumajou game series is arguably one of the company's most important franchises right behind Metal Gear Solid. Akumajou has found loyal audiences on all major consoles and handhelds throughout the decades and a PSP version is scheduled to ship this fall.

Here's the Akumajou game that started it all: A new, never-opened copy of Akumajou for the Famicom Disk System that was originally released in September 1986. The back of the case is still sealed with the Disk Card sticker and the printed UPC label is clean and still shiny. We're reluctant to grade the game as absolute mint condition but it's pretty close with only slight scuffing on the plastic packaging from decades of storage. «photos»

SOTD Hyper Street Fighter II Items

We've removed the Hyper Street Fighter II game from this particular limited edition bundle but all of the bonuses are intact as follows:

° Strategy DVD which showcases special moves, combo attacks and tricks
° 96-page All About Street Fighter booklet (A4 format) which contains Street Fighter II/Zero history, character artwork, background information, and ending sequences for the fighters
° Mobile phone strap with Chun-Li spiky bracelets trinket
° Mouse pad decorated with Street Fighter anniversary artwork «photos»

SOTD Macross VF-1A

This particular toy was opened, inspected, and photographed but never used. Since the packaging has been opened and the overall toy can't be considered new anymore, we removed it from our normal warehouse inventory. The stockpiles of prospective SOTD items in storage are growing once again so we're clearing out some items like this one at a measured pace.
The Macross VF-1A is in like-new condition and the "Transformation Guide" and two sheets of decals are included. «photos»

SOTD RAH MGS Snake Eater Figure

We opened this Real Action Heroes MGS Snake Eater figure a few months ago to take some new photos for our sale listings. We never used those photos but we're throwing them up today to sell this particular Snake Eater toy. There's a major dent on the top of the box but the toy is brand new and we've never removed Snake from his plastic frame. We have however removed the plastic frame from the cardboard box to take the photos that are linked below. We still have about 100 units of this toy in new, mint condition boxes if you prefer collector-grade. «photos»

SOTD Pocket Dream Console

Tomy and Takara released a handheld gaming system in Japan on August 3, 2006 called the Pocket Dream Console. Months before that however, an Asian version of the PDC was released to the market crammed with exactly the same games that Tomy and Takara released. Here's one of the Asian Pocket Dream Consoles from a company named "Conny" which we procured a few months ago to test and evaluate. We're keeping our Tomy/Takara system but selling off this one. We only have one unit in stock which has been opened and tested but the unit is in like-new condition. Why? Because we treat our gear tenderly. «photos»

SOTD Tengai Makyo III Items

We've removed the PS2 game from this Tengai Makyo III Limited Edition box but all of the bonuses are intact and untouched except for the photos that were taken for today's sale posting. The following extras are packaged inside the box:

1) Animated DVD titled "Tengai Makyo: Ziria Oboro Hen."
2) A serially numbered 128-page color artbook which contains character sketches, finished art, game locations, and interviews with the creative team behind the game. The book in this particular LE box is numbered "00097" and if our records are correct, 10,000 units of the LE were made and shipped to market.
3) Tengai Makyo original votive picture that's etched on a piece of wood.
4) Mobile phone strap featuring Tonkaralin figurine
5) A sheet of sticker charms designed by Ouji Hiro «photos»

SOTD Valkyrie Profile Artifact Items

The Valkyrie Profile Silmeria Artifact Box contains the following items but note that the VPS game is not included:

» Glossy artwork pamphlet
» Ring of Mylinn Keychain in jewel box
» Valkyrie Silmeria figure + sword in blister pack
» Valkyrie Profile 1&2 Sound Profile CD
» Alternate Valkyrie Profile Silmeria DVD insert «photos»