Tuesday, July 17, 2007

SOTD Tengai Makyo III Items

We've removed the PS2 game from this Tengai Makyo III Limited Edition box but all of the bonuses are intact and untouched except for the photos that were taken for today's sale posting. The following extras are packaged inside the box:

1) Animated DVD titled "Tengai Makyo: Ziria Oboro Hen."
2) A serially numbered 128-page color artbook which contains character sketches, finished art, game locations, and interviews with the creative team behind the game. The book in this particular LE box is numbered "00097" and if our records are correct, 10,000 units of the LE were made and shipped to market.
3) Tengai Makyo original votive picture that's etched on a piece of wood.
4) Mobile phone strap featuring Tonkaralin figurine
5) A sheet of sticker charms designed by Ouji Hiro «photos»

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