Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Fantasm Soldier Valis Gashapon Vol. 2 - New, In Stock

Hot on the heels of the first Valis Gashapon Set which arrived last month, Millennium releases the second set to market. Valis Gashapon Vol. 2 features another four standard figures and NCS gathers them up into complete sets which are priced at US$25. The standard characters in the new set are:

» Yuko Asao - in full armored regalia with broadsword
» Valna - sedate pose with a convoluted staff weapon
» Yuko Asao - wears a skimpy ocher costume with two weapons
» Cham - redhead in pink and yellow body armor
«NCS Photo Gallery»

Fantasm Soldier Valis Gashapon Vol. 2 + Secret Figures

In addition to the four standard Valis Vol. 2 gashapon toys, Millennium also produced two "secret" figures which both feature Yuko Asao in different costumes and in different poses as follows:

» Yuko Asao in white robe with golden armlets from Valis 2 (MSX version)
» Yuko Asao in
white and gold costume from Valis 2 (PC-Engine version)

This offer includes the two figures listed above and the four standard figures as shown in our Photo Gallery.

Lost Kubrick Figure - New Import, In Stock

Medicom's Lost Kubrick figures measure 6cm or 2.36" tall and feature the main cast of characters as follows below. The ratio shown is for every factory carton of 4 inner retail boxes of 24 figures.

Regular Figures
» Jack Shephard with pistol (19/96)
» Kate Austen with handcuffs (16/96)
» Sawyer (James Ford) with book (18/96)
» Charlie Pace with guitar (8/96)
» John Locke with knife (12/96)
» Hurley (Hugo Reyes) with CD player (8/96)
» Sayid Jarrah with walkie-talkie (12/96)

Chase Figures
» Benjamin Linus with cane (1/96)
» Desmond (2/96)

Pricing per individually boxed figure is set at US$7.30 each or $175/box.

HardCover Advance SP for Gameboy Advance - Clearance

NCS Product Synopsis - Original Update: September 25, 2003
«©NCSX» Even if you're the lucky owner of a limited edition GBA SP like the Torchic unit or the Boktai bundle, the same old color or look gets boring after a while. Spice up your life with a colorful Pokemon cover which snaps over the top lid of your GBA SP to add a bit of variety to your everyday GBA routine.

Sale Offering: NCS' remaining inventory of the HardCover Advance SP for the Gameboy Advance SP is new, factory sealed, and in mint condition. Pricing is set at US$6.90 per unit which includes "free" shipping by USPS Media Mail within the U.S.