Wednesday, August 23, 2017

 MAG Famimaga Super Famicom Mini Special Issue Mook - Import Preorder $29.90

NCS Product Synopsis
   Tokuma Shoten ceased publication of
Family Computer Magazine (Famimaga) over a decade ago but the publisher is reviving the brand for a one-shot special issue to mark the upcoming release of the Super Famicom Mini in Japan this October. In addition to 100 pages of Super Famicom history, the mook (magazine + book = mook) includes a DVD which features 1500 pages from past issues of the magazine in PDF format, reprints of special articles, and the special guides for Starfox and Starfox 2. 

    Preorders are welcome to ship on or around October 5, 2017

 Product Specs

 Publisher: Tokuma Shoten (2017/10/5)
 Contents: 100 pages, DVD-ROM
 Language: Japanese
 Japanese Title: ニンテンドークラシックミニ ファミリーコンピュータMagazine ミニスーパーファミコン特集号
 ISBN-10: 4198270171
 ISBN-13: 978-4198270179

 TOYS Persona 3 Aegis EX Resinya Series - Import Sale $179.90

NCS Product Synopsis
 Update: January 25, 2011
«©NCSX» In the Persona 3 game,Aegis is an android who battles the dastardly Shadows with a volatile range of weaponry. Her prerogative in the game is to protect the protagonist of Persona 3 and she serves in that capacity with able-bodied determination. NCS took delivery of Max Factory's figma rendition of Aegis late last year and in a few months, we'll bring in Cospa's EX Resinya version of the blonde Shadow-killer.

    Cospa's known more for their apparel and accessories than their toys but the Aegis Resinya sculpture is an ambitious piece of work. The figure is mounted on an overly ornate vehicle and she's standing on one hoof. Aegis' left hand is pointed at something in the distance but she doesn't have any fingers - there's only miniature gun barrels that are ready to let loose. Her right hand is smoking and bullets are scattered in the air around the wisps of smoke.

    Orders ship same-day (M-F) if placed before 4PM EDT.

 Product Specifications

 Manufacturer: Cospa
 Territory/Language: Japanese
 Japanese Product Name: Ex resinya アイギス フィギュア重装備Ver.
 Jan Code: 4531894395935