Thursday, February 09, 2023

TOYS Waddle Dee Report Squad (New, 2023) Preorder $28.98/each

 Product Synopsis

Update: February 09, 2023
   Waddle Dee of Kirby franchise fame is featured in an upcoming collection of plush toys from Japanese toy supplier Sanei. Four variants are on offer as follows:

» Reporter
» Cameraman
» Sound Engineer
» Assistant

   Preorders are welcome to ship in late April 2023. 

Product Specs
Manufacturer: Sanei

Japanese Title: KP65 ワドルディレポート隊 レポーターさん (S), KP66 ワドルディレポート隊 カメラさん (S)
Japanese Title: KP67 ワドルディレポート隊 音声さん (S), KP68 ワドルディレポート隊 アシスタントさん (S)
JAN Code: 4905330125910, 4905330125927, 4905330125934, 4905330125941
Territory/Language: Japan