Friday, November 20, 2009

PSP Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep PSP Bundle - Preorder

NCS Game Synopsis
«©NCSX» One of the most desired special-design handhelds in recent memory was the Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Nintendo DSi which was a black DSi decorated with a repeating pattern of hearts, crosses, crowns, and mouse ears. A new special Kingdom Hearts-themed handheld was announced recently and one of our Japanese vendors opened up preorders last night... and closed them about 30 minutes later. We were able to submit our preorder request within that 30-minute window and preorders are welcome today.

Please note the Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Birth By Sleep bundle is a limited distribution product that is being priced at a healthy premium above the retail price by our distributor. Due to the inflation, NCS is pricing the Birth by Sleep bundle at US$389.90 and preorders are welcome to ship on January 9, 2010. NCS can guarantee all preorders for this item.

TEE Monster Hunter: I Love Meat Chop T-Shirt - New, In Stock

NCS Game Synopsis
«©NCSX» Instead of wearing an "I Love New York" or an "I'm With Stupid" t-shirt which are corny and offensive (in that order), wrap yourself in a lovely "I Love Chop" tee which gets to the meat of the matter. By putting the shirt on, wearers are making a statement to the world that greasy hunks of steak, brisket, lamb, and even pork chops are the preferred vehicle of sustenance. Two sizes are currently available from NCS as follows:

» Medium (Length from collar to hem: 165~175cm, Bust: 88~96cm)
» Large (Length from collar to hem: 175~178cm, Bust: 96~104cm)

The shirts are woven from 100% cotton and are available in either white or black. All preorders have shipped as of yesterday and new orders are welcome to ship today. Please note that we are currently sold out of the X-Small, Small, and X-Large sizes but we expect restock within the next 4-7 days. The shirts will ship flat in a cardboard container.

OST Hikari no Senshi 4 Original Soundtrack - New, In Stock

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» There's one word that isn't used much in the entirety of New York City and that word is "delighted." It's a perfectly good word but "delighted" just isn't in the daily lexicon of the Big Apple. Can you imagine a street food vendor saying, "I'm delighted to serve you a falafel from the confines of my humble food cart?" We can't. Earlier this morning, the word "delighted" was conjured upon hearing the second track titled "Horn, the Home of the Wind" on Square's Hikari no Senshi 4 Original Soundtrack. The first track "Four Warriors of Light" didn't elicit much of a response since it's the same old staid Final Fantasy theme that we've heard throughout the years. Track 33 "Crisis by a Hair" made us feel as if Armageddon was nigh.

The soundtrack contains a total of 41 tracks; although not all of the tracks are delightful, the OST provides an enjoyable Final Fantasy aural experience.

MAG Weekly Famitsu Magazine Vol 1094 - Subscriptions

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» The December 3, 2009 issue of Weekly Famitsu includes coverage of the following games and events in the Japanese marketplace:

» Preview for SSM Multi-Raid 2 which checks out a few characters and includes an interview with Kenichi Ogasawara and Noriaki Toshikawa who are producing the game for Koei.
» Famitsu's reviewers rank X360 Mushihimesama Futari v1.5 (8/7/7/7), Wii
Naruto Shippuden: Ryujinki (7/6/5/5), NDS Cooking Mama 3 (7/8/8/7), and NDS Layton Kyouju to Majin no Fue (8/9/9/8).
» The centerfold of the magazine contains a pullout 62-page Bayonetta Hi-Complete Bible which maps out the entire game and offers hints, maps, and general information for each chapter and the epilogue.
» This week's Digital Entertainment Front article takes a look at Inglourious Basterds which contains a short interview with Quentin Tarantino.
» Odd pizzas from fast-food restaurants such as Pizza-La, Pizza Hut, Domino's, and Chicago Pizza appear in PICK UP FOOD.

PSP Hexyz Force - Recent Import, In Stock

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» The land of Beruge is divided into two halves - one side is continually lit by the sun whilst the other is under perennial darkness. On the side of the light is a 17-year old priestess named Cecelia who works as an apprentice in the Beruge Temple. Cecelia's mother died giving birth to her and she was raised by her father who's a high-priest in the Temple. On the dark side of Beruge, an elite knight named Levant von Schweizer leads his compatriots under the banner of the Empire. Although the two protagonists start their adventures under different circumstances and on opposing sides of Beruge, they'll nevertheless team up in their respective quests.

Hexyz Force
is an RPG that gives players the reins over Cecelia or Revanto at the outset and each protagonist goes through a unique storyline that eventually unites the two in a cooperative mission to defeat a dark overlord. The two heroes command a motley yet mighty cadre of warriors known as the Hexyz Force whom are arranged in 3 x 3 battalions on the battlefield to tackle monsters and opposing forces. The attacks are turn-based with the party members getting a chance to strike or use magic in every round against a contingent of enemies. Each blow or magic blast is shown with a short animated sequence which conveys some semblance of conflict during the skirmishes. After each successful encounter, a "Triumph" screen appears which tallies experience gained and any level-ups for the characters. The Triump screen is accompanied by the words "The Hexyz march onward in victory, their hands held high" which scroll on the top and bottom of the screen.