Friday, March 28, 2008

Hitman Reborn! Vongola Shiki Taisen Battle - New, In Stock

A clutch of 24 gangsters and malcontents from Hitman Reborn! refrain from outright fisticuffs and engage in board game antics in the latest NDS title based on the popular animation series. Roll the die, move the allotted spaces, grab bonus items, and do your best to reach the goal before your competitors do. The game maps are randomly created and peppered with items and event squares which lead to mini-games or VS encounters when stepped upon. In addition to the solo-player game, up to four gamers may sit together and stare into their NDS screens to play an engaging board game against each other.
All preorders and new orders will ship with a simple table board game featuring the Hitman Reborn characters and gangland themes.

Simple DS Series Vol. 35: The Genshijin DS - New, In Stock

According to conventional wisdom, early man and apes shared a common ancestor. However, something caused man to evolve into Homo Sapiens while apes stayed... apelike. To answer the question of how man evolved, D3 Publisher takes gamers back into prehistoric times.

Take control of an alpha male ape who leads a gang of peons on action-packed adventures of evolution and tactical maneuvering. At the outset of the game, the objective is simpleminded - go forth into the jungle and collect pears, mushrooms, and the occasional rock to bring back to your village of apes. With each new item, the level of the ape commander increases and scales up to allow for controlling ever larger simian squads.

Neo Angelique Full Voice Edition - New Import, In Stock

NCS took delivery of the original Neo Angelique game in March of 2006 and we assumed that was that. Two years later, Koei returns to the well and draws out an updated version of the game which features fully voiced dialogue and twenty new events.

As the story goes, a mighty demon has taken over utopia and it's up to an average student from the Melrose Girl's Academy to battle the evil that has taken over the world. She won't have to go it alone however - handsome handlers with unique skills are present to help her out, offer advice, and perhaps even love. The leading men in the game are:

Rayne: A red-haired gunslinger with unerring aim
Nyx: A lanky aristocrat who wears a monocle and enjoys tea
J.D.: A dreamy blonde guy who would make a good father
Hyuga: A mysterious silver-haired dude who's slightly androgynous

Neo Angelique is a boys love game which is targeted at girl gamers. By engaging in interactive sequences and the occasional battle against enemies, the heroine finds love and rescues the world to boot.

General Updates

MGS4 Premium Pack Update - All Sold
NCS completely pre-sold out of our initial allocation of the MGS4 Premium Pack last night. If we're able to confirm additional quantities in the next few days from our suppliers in Japan, we'll update our website accordingly and re-open preorders. Thanks for reading.
Japanese Playstation Network Tickets
The JPY3000 PSN Cards and the JPY5000 PSN Cards were restocked yesterday and new orders are welcome. PSN Cards for the Hong Kong Playstation Network should be restocked in 2-3 days. Please Note: The code shown on the PSN card image to the lower-left is not an actual code.
Phantasy Star Complete Collection Sega Direct
The final Sega Direct limited edition game shipped from Japan last night and delivery is expected within the next 3-4 business days. Preorders will be processed once the PSCC bundle arrives.

The Sega Direct website has been shut down and Sega has already stopped taking orders. Visiting the site brings up a final notice and a telephone number for customer inquiries. Before the shutdown, we were able to order some Gunstar Heroes Treasure Box with a bonus pinbadge and we'll offer them for sale next week when they arrive.

Driving Emotion Type-S - Clearance

When NCS imported our initial shipment of 1150 copies of Driving Emotion Type-S back in March of 2000, three factors influenced our buying decision:

1) It was Square's first ever PS2 racing game. It had to be good.
2) The PS2 audience was hungry for any new PS2 software.
3) Square could do not wrong. The entire company walked on water.

We submitted our preorder on time and wired a 15% deposit to guarantee stock. We waited two months for the game to finally ship. Five minutes after we ripped open the cellophane and did the play test, we knew pain had arrived right on NCS' doorstep. All 1150 copies of it.

1) Square's first racing game wasn't good. It wasn't good at all.
2) The PS2 audience was hungry but not that hungry.
3) Square and developer Escape dropped into the drink like a ton of bricks.

Despite the wretched reviews, the game still sold relatively well. We're guessing people had to see for themselves what Square had wrought. Stores which had submitted their own preorders with NCS were kind enough to only cancel 60% of their reservation commitments instead of 98%. Small mercies... March 2008 marks the eighth anniversary of our Driving Emotion buying blunder. We're hoping to keep the game in stock for another 3-5 years so we can continue to wince whenever we pass the PS2 "D" section in our warehouse.

Sale Offering
- NCS' remaining inventory of Driving Emotion Type-S is new, in mint condition, and factory sealed. Pricing is set at US$13.90 per copy which includes free shipping by USPS Media Mail within the U.S. Photos.