Thursday, November 09, 2023

 TOYS Sumikko Gurashi Shirokuma no Tomodachi [Preorder, New Import] US$33.98

Product Synopsis

Update: November 9, 2023
   Cute Sumikko Gurashi collectibles from System Service! 5 types of figures

· Polar Bear
・ Penguin
· Pork cutlet
· Cat
・ Lizard

   Preorders are welcome to ship in late February 2024 at US$33.98 per set of 5 figures. These items are normally sold in random fashion through gashapon dispensers in Japan but we'll assemble all five Sumikko Gurashi toys in a complete set. Please note this item is a new release of a gashapon set that makes its debut in 2024.

Product Specifications
Manufacturer: System Service
Dimension: H6.5cm (2.55")
Material: PVC
Japanese Title: すみっコぐらし集めて可愛い!フィギュアチェーン
JAN Code: 4533564029904
Territory/Language: Japanese

 SALE Kessen III [In Stock, PS2-JPN] US$73.90

 Official Koei Press Release

Original Update: December 22, 2004
   "The Kessen series' rise to prominence coincided with the launch of the PlayStation 2, and with its sequel the games quickly established themselves into a franchise that would have a place of distinction in video game history. A long-awaited sequel, KESSEN III signals the rebirth of the series and will feature evolutionary changes in gameplay," said Amos Ip, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at KOEI Corporation. "In many respects, KESSEN III represents a culmination of the company's core philosophies and expertise in crafting the finest battlefield simulation games."

KESSEN III is the first sequel to the series in almost four years and will be notable for several sweeping changes to the widely respected franchise. The series' Crowd Engine that was used in the original Kessen has been completely rebuilt to deliver the most exciting battle scenes and action-oriented gameplay in the series- all in full 3D. Unlike any of the previous Kessen games in the series, players will have direct real-time control of troop movements, offensives, and defensive maneuvers. Moreover, allied units can join the player-controlled unit to create combination attacks.

   KESSEN III now features non-linear stage selection, an officer and troop development system, and a process that allows players to equip officers with over 450 weapons, helmets, and samurai armor. The game's deep and compelling narrative will unfold throughout 120 combined minutes of movie sequences, accompanied by a stirring musical score from legendary composer Reijiro Koroku.
The new sequel also marks the franchise's return to Japanese history and aesthetics. It is the middle of the turbulent Sengoku or "warring states" period. Endless chaos and plunder have consumed the islands of Japan . A young teenager, known for his extravagant appearance and unconventional attitude emerges from Central Japan- he is Nobunaga Oda. While elders admonished him, his contemporaries admired him. Blessed with an indomitable vision and fearless constitution, the soon-to-be legendary Nobunaga will stand against legions of warriors in order to resurrect a land filled with chaos and sorrow.

Product Condition
Brand new, factory sealed, Japanese inventory imported from Tokyo in December 2004. NCS is the original importer and wholesaler/retailer of this item within the United States. Inventory has been stored in our primary warehouse since importation. Orders ship same-day (M-F) if placed before 4PM EDT.

Region Lock-out
Please note Japanese Playstation 2 games will not boot on USA or European PS2 consoles due to the inherent region-lockout on Playstation 2 game discs. This region lock-out may be remedied with circumvention devices such as the Swap Magic 2.0 and assorted mod chips.

Product Specifications
: Koei
Genre: Strategy / Simulation
JAN Code: 4988615019999
Japanese Title: 決戦III
Region: NTSC/J Japan PS2 Only

Territory/Language: Japanese