Tuesday, November 08, 2011

 X360 DoDonPachi Resurrection - Partial Arrival

NCS Product Update
«©NCSX» One of the shipments containing DoDonPachi Resurrection arrived earlier this morning and we'll begin processing and shipping roughly 1/3 of our preorders for the game today. The remaining shipments are expected tomorrow and the remaining 2/3 of reservations will be processed and shipped on Wednesday morning. Ean Code: 5060102952817

From the Manufacturer
   Dodonpachi Resurrection (Daifukkatsu in Japan) is the fifth game in CAVE’s flagship DonPachi series.

   After the turmoil caused by the assault on Lunapolis which sparked the "Blissful Death Wars" (as depicted in the previous installment), peace seems to have been restored, with the legendary DonPachi Corps retreating to its HQ in a space-time fold. Six years later, anomalies are detected in the space-time fabric, yet tests reveal nothing out of order, with the portals regularly functioning for both teleportation and time travel; also, the leader of the DonPachi squadron Colonel Longhena Gottvin dismisses the matter due to the lack of actual danger. Nevertheless, a technician delves deeper into the anomaly, discovering that something has infiltrated the HQ computer systems and is using the portals to send large quantities of materials and data to the past, spreading out like a virus and quickly evolving.

 3DS Super Mario In-Ear Headphones - New Import, In Stock

NCS Product Update
«©NCSX» Officially licensed Mario mushroom earbud headphones which feature a crisp and vibrant design for use with the Nintendo DS, 3DS, or audio devices with 3.5mm headphone jacks.

From the Distributor

» A must for all fans of Nintendo and video game culture
» Designed for use with the Nintendo DS Lite™, DSi™, DSi XL™ and 3DS™ game systems
» Compatible with all 3.5mm headphone jacks
» Flexible earbud design for multiple ear sizes
» Conforms to Nintendo specs
» Regulated maximum volume output
» High quality packaging matches the first party look
» Packaging in English, French and Spanish

 NEWS Japanese Release Outlook - Arrivals on Thursday

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 NEWS General Updates

DoDonPachi Resurrection
«©NCSX» The European version of DoDonPachi Resurrection Deluxe is on the way and should arrive on Wednesday of this week, pending normal clearance through Customs. All preorders will ship upon arrival and new orders are welcome to ship once the game is in stock.
   To address inquiries regarding the availability of the Lightning Edition Ver. 2: Yes, the item is limited in supply from Square/Sony but we have been allocated enough bundles to fill all of our preorders received thus far and NCS is still accepting new reservations. When our allocation is all sold, we will close preorders. Until then, preorders are welcome. Please be aware that a US$50.00 non-refundable deposit will be charged upon submission of your preorder. This deposit is to deter buyers who might not be serious about their reservation and might cancel at the last minute.