Friday, February 23, 2007

Combat Rations Gashapon

Way back in 1998, NCS bought into the whole Y2K disaster scenario and made plans for a post-apocalyptic planet. We explored buying a ranch somewhere in Colorado, stocked up on MREs (Meal, Ready to Eat), and obtained firearms. Y2K passed with nary a whimper...
The ranch purchase fell through, we got rid of the firearms, but we still have boxes upon boxes of MREs. Packaged in thin cardboard boxes and labeled with the name of the entree on the outside, we have stacks of Chicken Tetrazzini, Chili and Macaroni, Beef Enchilada in Sauce, and many more. Some of the kits we purchased are complete meals with a fruit cup, a bottle of water, crackers, and condiments in addition to the main entree. We even got a few boxes of flameless ration heaters which are activated by water and create a steamy miniature "oven" to heat up the meal.
We were reminded of our Y2K preparations when we saw Boford's Combat Rations gashapon offer a few days ago. A total of 8 rations toys are featured in the set along with 1 secret ration. Boford supplies this item in factory sealed boxes of 9 toys (3x3 arrangement in each container) and we'll post big photos once the rations arrive. Preorders are welcome.

Dragon Ball Z Toothbrush + Case

Dental hygiene is an important part of life and kids have to learn early that brushing and flossing are necessary routines. To trick young'uns into brushing their teeth instead of playing video games, hand them a fun-looking toothbrush with battery-powered head and tell them that Goku will cry like a little girl if their teeth aren't clean. Or something like that. Three styles are on offer - red toothbrush with Son Gokou case, yellow toothbrush with Shenron case, and a blue toothbrush with a Son Gokou VS Vegeta case. Pricing is set US$12.50 per brush and preorders ship in June 2007.

SIFEX The Oneechanbara 1/6 Scale PVC Figure

When NCS first played the original Oneechanbara game (Simple 2000 Series Vol. 61) in 2004, we were astounded. Other than Lara Croft, women warriors were rare in the testosterone-fueled arenas of action games. But there she was, decked out in an outfit that barely covered her attributes. In addition to being nearly naked, Aya swung a sword into zombie flesh with the abandon of a banshee. Every stroke lopped off limbs and sent splashes of blood into the air. The zombies were simply no match for a wild woman with bad taste in clothes. Indulge us because it bears repeating - we were astounded.
Japanese manufacturer Yamato has started preorders for an 29cm tall fixed-pose Oneechanbara Aya figure which is mounted on a circular disc. The feather boa that normally slings around Aya's shoulders is gone but we'd recognize that cowboy hat and tacky ensemble anywhere. Pricing is set at JPY6800 or US$65 + shipping from NCS. Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late June 2007.

Transformers Music Label Earphones

Hot on the heels of the Transformers Sound Label toys announced last month, Takara has started preorders for Transformers Frenzy & Rumble Earphones for use with the Sound Label music players. In their normal form, the earphones appear to be the normal bud-style type which plug into your ears. When it's time to transform, the buds shift and pop parts to become Frenzy and Rumble. We don't expect these to set the world on fire but they should prove to be interesting additions to any Transformers fan's collection. Pricing is set at JPY3800 or US$35 from NCS. Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late July 2007.