Tuesday, December 08, 2009

PSP Kenka Banchou 4 : One Year War - Import Preorder

NCS Preorder Synopsis
«©NCSX» High school delinquents and well-coiffed tough guys are in vogue once again when Spike unleashes Kenka Banchou 4 early next year. The hero in the game is a miscreant named Yuuta Hayami who has ambitions to become the baddest badass in Minami High School. Before he can reach the pinnacle of thugs however, he'll have to battle other delinquents, run errands, and bother the neighborhood girls with impudent behavior. When he's ready, he'll get a chance to dethrone a bruiser named Eichi Akutsu who's the current King of the Yankii-styled truants.
In addition to 1-player action, multiple participants may link up via ad hoc mode for fighting tournaments. Preorders are welcome to ship on February 25, 2010 at JPY4980 or US$53.90 from NCS.

PS3 No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise - Import Preorder

NCS Preorder Synopsis
«©NCSX» Sales for No More Heroes on the Wii were below expectations. NCS anticipated much more interest for a game by Grasshopper but maybe the stars weren't aligned properly. How any gamer could resist a protagonist named Travis Touchdown who wields a "Beam Katana" may be one of the great mysteries in this life.
One way to get more sales for a game is to release it on other platforms and that's what publisher Marvelous is trying next year. First up is the PS3 conversion which is subtitled "Heroes Paradise" which features new voice acting, more event scenes, and a special mode dubbed "Very Sweet Mode," which is an easy level for beginners. Under certain conditions, the female characters in the game appear in bikinis, belly shirts, and generally show as much skin as possible without getting slapped with public lewdness citation.
Preorders are welcome to ship on February 25, 2010 and early preorders will ship with a bonus erotic portrait collection that's being given away in 50% ratio by the publisher. The "erotica" shows the heroines from the game in scanty clothing and bikinis. Basically, they'll be strutting their stuff.

PSP Minna no Tennis Portable - Import Preorder

NCS Preorder Synopsis
«©NCSX» Everybody can play the sport of tennis but playing the game well is another matter entirely. Anybody can play virtual tennis however and play it well without even leaving the comfort of the futon. The red one with the beaded seat. Minna no Tennis Portable is Sony's latest PS2-to-PSP conversion which features singles-play, doubles-play, and a training mode to get gamers up to speed. To get a feel for the mechanics of the game, the training sessions test a player's skill by lobbing tennis balls via automated ball launcher. Features in the PSP game include new cast members, customization for the tennis players, and a multi-player ad hoc mode for singles or doubles matches. Preorders ship on February 25, 2010.

NDS Dragon Quest Metal Slime Speaker Stand - Import Preorder

NCS Preorder Synopsis
«©NCSX» NCS has known for a few years that Slime are useful and versatile beasts. Hori is also cognizant of this factoid and they've put their knowledge to work by producing a Dragon Quest Metal Slime Speaker Stand for the Nintendo DS. "What exactly is that $#!&," you may mutter under your breath so as to not awaken your roommate. Well, it's exactly what the product title states. It's a DQ Slime Speaker but it's also a Stand which is designed to hold your Nintendo DS, DS Lite, or DSi upright and aloft like a little desk.

The built-in NDS speakers are generally of good quality but if you're the type who needs a quirky external speaker shaped like a Slime, then this is for you. The product sales sheet indicates that the Slime speaker is covered with a pliable satiny material that depresses when touched. The stand attachment seems pointless but who are we to question Hori's wisdom? They've been around for decades and will probably outlive us all. Preorders are welcome to ship on January 28, 2010 at JPY4800 or US$60.90 from NCS. Due to the size of this item, we recommend only shipping by UPS Ground.

PS3 Biohazard 5 Alternative Edition - Import Preorder

From the Publisher
Biohazard 5 Alternative Edition includes the original game plus all additional content, making it the ultimate Biohazard 5 experience. Previously only seen during cut scenes of the original Biohazard 5 Alternative Edition, the first new episode titled “LOST IN NIGHTMARES,” finds BSAA agent, Chris Redfield, working with his partner, Jill Valentine, as they investigate Ozwell E. Spencer’s hideaway. Spencer, the evil mastermind and co-founder of Umbrella Corporation, has been hiding a new evil deep within the basement of his mansion. Chris and Jill discover this grotesque evil standing in their way as the two enter deeper into the catacombs beneath the mansion.
Simultaneous with the release of “LOST IN NIGHTMARES”, new costumes for Chris and Sheva will be made available, allowing the player to experience
Biohazard 5 Alternative Edition with a fresh new look and feel through both game play and cut-scene playback. A new refresh of Mercenaries Mode, “THE MERCENARIES REUNION”, gives players new playable characters and weapon load outs which provide players additional challenges as they aim to shoot down as many enemies as they can within a limited time. Each piece of downloadable content will contain two new playable characters. Preorder

PS3 Sacred Blaze 2: Fallen Angel - Import Preorder

From the Publisher
T-Energy has been flowing through Ancaria since time itself. This mysterious power forms the beginning of all life, is the source of all magic and the origin of all thought. For an era, it was the angelic Seraphim who watched over the T Energy and therefore over the fate of the entire world. They passed their knowledge on to the High Elves, so that they could benefit from T Energy. But the High Elves let the power over T Energy tear their society apart, and war and strife broke out. Worse than that, the T Energy itself went out of control, turning negative and creating destructive evil in the land. The nobility as well as the clerical caste of the High Elves struggled to seize power over the high-elvish imperium, so that they alone might hold the T Power in their rule. The land once more faced with war; a war that was much larger with more far reaching consequences than all previous wars and battles. Two thousand years before Shaddar, the cry for heroes arises to avert this war and to regain control over the T Energy. Will those heroes prevent the world from lapsing into final chaos, or will they instead deepen it with their actions? Preorders ship on February 10, 2010.

Wii Super Monkey Ball Athletic - Import Preorder

From the Publisher
AiAi and all his friends are rolling back onto Wii this Winter in an all-new party game compatible with the Wii Balance Board With 70 puzzle stages and 21 mini-games this game has something for the whole family to enjoy. Multiplayer options include a Co-op mode for 2 players as well as a host of mini-games for up to 4 players. If you’re looking for an extra challenge, tackle the new Marathon and Mirror Image modes or search for hidden items in each of the game’s 70 puzzle levels.

Game Features
» Balance Board Compatible! Step onto the Wii Balance Board to experience Super Monkey Ball in a whole new way or use the Wii Remote and Nunchuk.
Multiplayer Monkeys! Play with a friend in Co-op mode or compete in the mini games with up to 4 players.
» 70 New Puzzle Levels! Whiz across 70 puzzle levels from 7 different worlds specifically designed for players of all levels.
» 21 mini games! Compete in 21 multiplayer mini games including Seesaw Ball, Monkey Bowling and Monkey Race.
» Challenging Game Modes! New game modes include a multiplayer Co-op Mode, a race to the finish in Marathon Mode and flipped puzzle levels in Mirror Image Mode.

NEWS General Updates

Import Release Delays
Animal handlers waiting for a virtual chimpanzee pet simulator will have to wait a couple more months. NDS Dakkoshite! Chimpanzee has been delayed from December 17, 2009 to February 4, 2010. Moe Moe 2-Ji Daisenryaku 2: Yamato Nadesico has been delayed from December 24, 2009 to TBA 2010. Finally, NDS RPG Tsukuru DS has been pushed to March 18th, 2010 from the original date of Jan. 28th, 2010.
Mushihimsama Futari RE Update
The regular edition of Futari with the bonus DLC card sold out yesterday but we've restocked the second printing of the game which does not include the card any more. All new orders will be filled with the second printing. Sadly, our Japanese suppliers are now sold out of the first printing.