Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Ignis the White 1/7 Scale Figure

Originally displayed at the Wonder Festival earlier this year, Orchid Seed's Ignis the White wedding dress figure is now open for preorders. Ignis hails from the Jingai Makyo PC game where she captured the imaginations of toy sculptors and admirers alike. The toy will be a fully assembled PVC figure measuring 29cm (11.41") tall instead of a kit and the initial production will be limited to 2000 units only.
At one point in the Jingai Makyo game, Ignis sacrifices her life for that of the protagonist but instead of pushing up daisies, she does what any fiery-headed Amazon does. She comes back to life better than ever. Decked out in a pristine white and poofy wedding garment, Ignis looks resplendent with her shock of red hair topping a big meringue of a dress. If you look carefully, white roses may be spotted in her hair, on her shoes, and around the folds of the dress. Not that anyone cares but the dress is also removable to reveal garters and other assorted dainties underneath.
Delivery is expected in mid-late September 2007 at JPY11,700 or US$115 from NCS. Please note that because of the dimensional weight of this product, we recommend only shipping by UPS Ground within the United States and Global Priority Mail for our international customers.

Hello Kitty Hawaiian Wedding Figure

NCS originally imported the HK Hawaiian Wedding toys in 2003 and sales have exceeded expectations over the years. When we say, "exceeded," that just means we've nearly sold out of the toy in only 4 years instead of the obligatory decade that it normally takes to clear out large toy consignments.
The Dear Daniel portion of the Hawaiian Wedding toy is gone but Hello Kitty remains. Why the manufacturer decided to ship uneven numbers of Kitties to Daniels is puzzling but then again, we wouldn't have today's Sale of the Day if Sega was a proper providers of toy couplings. See? Everything works out in the end. Hello Kitty measures approximately 10" tall and wears a satiny wedding dress. Since she's in Hawaii, pretty crimson flowers ring her head and she carries a tasteful bouquet in her paws.
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Nike / Gran Turismo 4 Limited Edition

Released on December 28, 2004 and sold exclusively on Sony's shopping site, only 1000 units of the Nike / Gran Turismo 4 Limited Edition bundle were produced and shipped to market. NCS ordered a total of 15 units and 10 of those went to customers. The rest have been in storage for the past few years but we're getting the sales itch once again. We are selling one Nike/GT4 bundle with the serial number "0397" today. The bundle contains the following items which are packaged in a suitcase: A Large Nike/GT4 t-shirt, a pair of exclusive Size 10 Nike/GT4 sneakers, a copy of Gran Turismo 4, a Reference Guide, and a packet of silica gel. «photos»

Japanese Import Outlook

Most of our Japanese suppliers returned from their Golden Week holiday last night and normal trading resumes this week. To ease vendors into the flow of things gently, publishers have only slated three new releases which are shipping tonight and expected to arrive on Wednesday or Thursday. The PSP Final Fantasy Tactics game leads preorders and we expect it to sell well for the next few weeks.
NDS Saikyou Toudai Shougi DS NCS
PS2 Wrestle Kingdom 2 Pro Wrestling Sekai Taisen Yukes
PSP Final Fantasy Tactics Shishi Sensou Square

Domestic Release Outlook

NDS Sudokuro Crave
PS2 .hack//GU Vol. 2 Reminisce Bandai

Taito Legends 2 [Delayed to 5/15] Taito

Tony Hawk Downhill Jam [Delayed to 5/15] Activision
PSP Driver 76 Ubisoft

Taito Legends Power Up [Delayed to 5/15] Taito
Wii Shrek the 3rd [Delayed to 5/18] Activision
X360 Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars EA

Shrek the 3rd Activision