Wednesday, November 10, 2010

 TOYS Sci-Fi Revoltech Series No. 021 Anguirus - Import Preorder

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» Godzilla met Anguirus in the 1955 movie Godzilla Raids Again. The two monsters brawled and battled with Godzilla eventually gaining the upper hand and burning Anguirus to death with his fiery breath. Although Anguirus died in the movie, he nevertheless returned in the movie Destroy All Monsters as a friend of Godzilla. Similar to comic book superheroes, silver screen monsters never ever stay dead.

   Kaiyodo pays homage to Anguirus with a Revoltech figure which is based on its Destroy All Heroes incarnation. Thanks to Revoltech technology, the beloved movie monster is articulated, mean-looking, and highly posable. Kaiyodo touts 20 points of articulation and a tail that's made of soft-resin for added realism. Accessories include a Moonlight
SY-3 airship and an accompanying plume of smoke. Preorders are welcome to ship in February 2011 at JPY2850 or US$39.90 from NCS.   

 TOYS Sci-Fi Revoltech Series No. 020 Skeleton Warrior - Preorder

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» In the Jason and the Argonauts movie from 1963 which plays every now and then on free television, there's a scene where Jason and his crew battle a bunch of creaky skeletons. Before the conflict ignites, a weird bearded dude throws a bunch of bone fragments on the ground and from those fragments emerge a gang of skeletal warriors. It was a special scene that took a whopping 4 months for special effects creator Ray Harryhausen to produce and film using stop-motion techniques.

   When Max Factory's Revoltech version of the "Skeleton Warrior" ships early next year, toy owners can create their own stop-motion movies featuring a skeletal warrior. The figure can be equipped with a circular shield and a short sword which it wields in its bony grip.
Accessories packaged with the toy include a spear, a backdrop with skeletons emerging, extra hands, an extra shield, and an extra forearm with stationary grip. Preorders are welcome to ship in February 2011 at JPY2850 or US$39.90 from NCS.   

 TOYS Odin Sphere: Mercedes 1/8 Scale Figure

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» A leggy Mercedes of OdinSphere fame hurtles herself forward in Alter's 1/8 scale figure which was originally released earlier this year. Mercedes is one of the key characters in OdinSphere and she's the daughter of the Fairy Queen Elfaria. In her storyline, Lord Odin slays her mother and Mercedes ascends to the role of Queen of the Faeries.

   The Alter version of Mercedes is accompanied by a leaping frog who's also powering itself forward with its springy legs. Similar to Yamato's SIF EX rendition of Mercedes, Alter gives the Princess-Queen the Crossbow Psypher so she can defend herself from malcontents. Two flowers crown Mercedes' head whilst her black wings are in full bloom and apparently holding her aloft as she moves forward. The new production of the Mercedes figure is shipping to all preorders this afternoon.

 TOYS Portrait Of Pirates Strong Edition Roronoa Zoro Ver

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» Zoro's already had a "Strong World Edition" toy sculpted in his honor but one's not enough for the greatest sword handler the world has ever known. That's why Megahouse is releasing a second Roronoa Zoro figure which depicts him as a mafioso in a sleek shiny jacket and skinny black pants. When the Straw Hat Pirates face Gold Lion Shiki for a second time in the Strong World movie, they're all dressed like a crew of mafiosi and arrive armed to the nines.

   The Zoro Version 2 figure measures 23cm or 9.06" in height and is packaged with three swords and scabbard accessories. All three swords may be wielded by Zoro at once - two in his hands and the third between his clenched teeth. A gun accessory and an extra head for holding the sword are also included. All preorders are shipping today.

 NEWS Spain names streets after video games

«©NCSX» If you're a Spaniard or visiting Spain, you're now able to meet friends and walk on "Avenida de Super Mario Bros." Unveiled this past Saturday in the suburb of Zaragoza located in northern Spain, the street is the first in the world to be named after a video game. From CNN:

   The government-sponsored Arcosur project aims to build more than 21,000 residences for people ages 20 to 35 who are buying their first homes, he said. Construction began last year. A dozen of the development's streets will be named for video games, Almudi said. Names of musical composers and Spanish monuments will grace the neighborhood's remaining 46 roads.