Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cool Nail Dryer Furyu Variety - Import Preorder

«©NCSX» A single or double coat of nail polish generally takes about 30-45 minutes to dry completely without fear of smudging. That means a gal has to keep her fingertips clear of anything that would ruin the new patina of polish. To cut down on the time required for paint to dry, Japanese manufacturer Omron presents the Cool Nail Dryer which blows out a stream of cool air to dry newly painted nails in 5-10 minutes. Two color variants are available - white or pink - and preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late August 2009 at US$15.90 each.

One Piece Mug Kanpai Saigen Version - Import Preorder

«©NCSX» Summer is as good a time as any to quaff down mugs upon mugs of suds. That's where Banpresto comes in with their One Piece Mug Kanpai Saigen Version which features one of three available designs and built-in beer overflow that creeps over the top of the mug like a golden sudsy apparition. Each mug measures 13cm or 5.11" tall and holds roughly 16 oz of liquid. Preorders are welcome to ship in late August 2009 at US$16.90 per mug.

Toppo Character Socks - Import Preorder

«©NCSX» Pocky is a type of tube-shaped biscuit which is coated with a sugar-based flavoring that's a popular snack product in Japan. If you turn Pocky inside out, you might get something that's similar to Toppo. Instead of a flavored coating, Toppo contains the flavored substance inside so it's like a thin cannoli that's packaged 26 sticks per box. Toppo gets into the merchandising business with yellow character socks that are designed for the ladies. Guys can wear them too but they'd probably regret it 3 seconds later. Preorders are welcome to ship in August 2009 at US$6.90 per pair. Four varieties are available - please choose from the dropdown menu.

General Updates

TOYS Sega Taikan Game Collection Delayed
Organic has delayed the release of the Sega Taikan Game Collection from April all the way to August 2009. Please note that all preorders will be kept on file and NCS is still accepting new reservations. Thanks.
Japan Holiday Next Week
Golden Week kicks off in Japan next week where a total of four holidays are packed together in the space of seven days. The festivities start on April 29 with Showa Day followed by Constitution Day (Kenpo kinenbi) on May 3, Greenery Day (Midori no hi) on May 4, and Children's Day (Kodomo no hi) on May 5. Due to Showa Day, please note that all of next week's Japanese shipments are expected to arrive on Friday (April 31) instead of Thursday.
PS3 Demon's Souls (Asian Version)
The multi-week wait for the next batch of Demon's Souls (Asian Version) should be over next week when Sony H.K. releases the sixth batch to market. We'll have an update from vendors by Friday or Saturday of this week.
ETC More Turtle Eggs
Last week, one of our big Red Eared Slider turtles laid a single egg which we kept in an impromptu incubator. Yesterday, she laid another 10 eggs on top of an overturned terra cotta basin. Some of the eggs (soft-shelled and somewhat resilient) were dented during the laying process but our vet told us that they should still be okay. We've placed them all in another larger incubator and we'll see if they hatch in the next 60-80 days.

ASCII Pad V2 [Silver] for Playstation - Clearance

NCS Sale Offering: April 21, 2009
Original Release in Japan: February 05, 1998

New and factory boxed ASCII Pad V2 Silver Controller which NCS originally imported for the original Playstation over eleven years ago. The ASCII Pad V2 features turbo-fire toggle switches located on the top center of the pad, an Auto-Fire option, and a design that apes Sony’s original Dual Shock design. The control pad is a solid disc with raised directional ridges which we prefer over the Dual Shock's “rift-pad” design.

Sale Offering:
Pricing is set at US$19.90 per pad. If you reside in the USA, you may select USPS Media Mail shipping on our shop which is about $2.50. International customers are encouraged to select USPS First Class Airmail at a cost of approximately US$10 to most destinations. «Photo Gallery»