Friday, January 11, 2008

My Stylist - Preorder, Ships on February 28, 2008

Not sure if brown corduroys go with a pink belly shirt? Sony's My Stylist will tell you and coordinate the clothing in your closet to boot. Think of it as a personal style assistant that has the discerning eye of a fashion guru. The package includes a USB camera and the My Stylist software. Based on the preorder information, the included USB camera is different from the Chotto Shot camera and can only be used with My Stylist.

Umihara Kawase - Preorder, Ships on March 19, 2008

Originally released on the Super Famicom back in 1994, Umihara Kawase was a platform action game where a little girl swung around the levels with the use of a rubbery grappling hook. Enemy goldfish would pop out of the water below and attack but the real adversity in the game was gauging the lift and distance of each swing to reach nearby platforms.

Fourteen years after its debut, Marvelous has announced preorders for a PSP version of the game which adds new levels and an illustrations gallery. New modes include a Practice Mode to test your skills and a Replay Theater Mode to watch your performance after a level has been completed.

General Updates

NDS Familator Lite Photos
The obligatory NCS photo gallery for the Familator Lite has been posted up for perusal today.
PSN Cards (JPY3000 and JPY5000)
All backorders for the Japanese Playstation Network Cards will be processed and fulfilled today. New orders are welcome for the JPY3000 Cards as well as the JPY5000 Cards for fulfillment this afternoon.

Samurai Shodown III for PS1 - Stock Clearance

Today's sale offer: Haohmaru, Hanzo, and Nakoruru are only a few of the warriors who battle through the ranks for a shot at Amakusa. Samurai Shodown III features 2D sword slashing ninja/samurai action ported from the Neo Geo to the humble hardware of the original Playstation.

This offer is for new, factory sealed, mint condition copies of the original printing of Samurai Shodown 3 (SLPS-00350) for the Japanese PS1. The inventory on hand was originally from August 1996 and we had exported a bunch to a shop in France. About a year later, when the shop went belly up, we accepted the return of unsold goods for settlement of outstanding debt. Original per unit cost? $47.30. -Photos