Friday, October 26, 2007

Final Fantasy Tactics A2 Accessories Set - In Stock

Hori capitalizes on the release of FFTA2 with an accessory pack which includes four items which are all decorated or imprinted with the Final Fantasy Tactics A2 logo and/or characters as follows:

» Nintendo DS Lite skin which features the two main characters of FFTA2
» An extendable stylus which is slim enough to fit into the NDS Lite's port
» A stylus holder which offers a comfortable grip with its thick barrel
» Cellphone strap which features a Moguri named Hardy

Iria no Sora, UFO no Natsu II - In Stock

Digital novels don't do well stateside. Maybe it's because reading can be tedious as well as tiresome. However, digital novels do very well in Japan and Mediaworks releases one that's enjoyable and lightweight. Upon booting up the game card, you'll have to flip the Nintendo DS 90°counter-clockwise and hold it like a book. The storyline takes place at the tail end of summer where the kids are about to head back to school and the drama focuses on a mysterious purple-tressed transfer student.
In addition to the digital novel, there's a mini-game wedged into the software code that we thought was a nifty break from the reading. Players may enjoy a side scrolling shooter called "Parocap S-07" which takes place in the town that the proper Iria no Sora digital novel is set in.

Simple DS Series Vol. 24: The Sensha - In Stock

Take control of one of 14 possible tanks such as a "M4A3E8 Easy 8 Sherman," an "AMX Leclerc," or a "PzKw VI Tiger II King Tiger" and roll into battle against opposing mobile armor. Players may also customize the 14 tanks featured in the game with variant turrets and colored armor to create a unique monster which is then sent into battle. Solo players may play SINGLE MISSION mode which features 30 missions on various battlefields while two players can team up in COOP MISSION where one player maneuvers the tank and the other mans the guns. Finally, VERSUS MODE allows up to four warriors to link up and battle for supremacy. The top NDS screen displays the action while the touch screen features an overhead map of the overall area and the player's tank.

Baldr Bullet Equilibrium Theme Song - In Stock

If you're a fan of the Baldr Bullet theme song "R-G-B" but have no desire to spend the dosh for the limited edition of the game which includes the soundtrack CD, this one's for you.

Publisher Five Records captures the original track and a remix of the "R-G-B" song as sung by Haruko Momoi aka Momo-i. Pricing is set at JPY1200 or US$13.50 from NCS.

Jan Code: 4560248016066

The Minna de Kart Race - In Stock

Did you know that the Wiimote can be used as a steering wheel? Well, it's true and D3 Publisher proves it in Minna de Kart Race which features vehicle drifting and responsive controls. The game also bumps up our expectations for the company's future Wii wares.

Navigation through the menus in the game is handled by pointing the Wiimote at the screen but when it's time to race, players hold the remote horizontally with both hands. The "2" button serves as the accelerator and the "1" button puts on the brakes. To maneuver the kart, tilt the controller to the left or right and the vehicle responds in kind. Hairpin turns can be dominated by performing a drift where the brakes are tapped lightly and the remote is tilted towards the curvature of the turn. As the vehicle slides and matches the curve, players may hit the accelerator to power through the turn like a champ.

In addition to the single player racing game, up to four gamers may join in on the action with a split-screen viewing mode where each players is afforded a quarter of the viewing area. It's a bit cramped and claustrophobic but workable. Three mini-games are also included for a little bit of variety from the kart racing conventions.

The Minna de Bass Tsuri Taikai - In Stock

D3 Publisher is a purveyor of budget-priced software in Japan and they've been in the game for a while now. If their releases weren't selling, D3P would have given up the ghost a long time ago but they're still here and thriving. The offerings from the company usually lack any semblance of innovation but the Minna de Bass fishing game for the Wii uses the remote in a way that's sort of innovative... for a fishing game.

Think of Dance Dance Revolution and then think fishing. That's sort of what Minna de Bass entails. Players start the game by choosing a male or female fisherman and customize color, eyes, and other tidbits. Three venues are available to fish upon including a location near a wharf and a locate that's near a bridge. To throw the line, press and hold the "A" button on the Wiimote until the lure dunks into the drink. Next, your job is to move the remote and nunchuk so that arrow cues scroll in from the right side of the screen. A circular reticule located in the center of the screen serves as the targeting point in which one wags the Wiimote when a cue enters the circle. By performing UP, DOWN, LEFT, and RIGHT movements with the Wiimote, you'll be on your way to catching the big bass.

Bleach Blade Battles [The Best] - In Stock

Ichigo Kurosaki and Rukia Kuchiki lead another cast of old and new Bleach series characters in a blazing 3D fighting game where up to four players may participate at once. By using soul swords as well as special attacks, the warriors clash and weave magical blasts as they dash around the battlefield in a chaotic 2-on-2 challenge or a four man free-for-all.

At the outset of the game, the only playable characters are Ichigo, Rukia, Ishida, Sado, and Orihime but 18 additional fighters may be unlocked as conditions are met. In the Story Mode of the game, players choose one of the five characters and then engage in objective-based battles as well as collaborations with a COM-controlled fighter against another duo of warriors. The Story Mode features new interactive storylines for the characters to follow and starts off with a battle where Ichigo fights by his lonesome. In subsequent clashes, Ichigo teams up with fighters to battle opposing duos. A Mission Mode starts off with 5 available scenarios to enjoy but includes a total of 50 missions to play and dominate. The graphics are cel-shaded and the fluid animation lends itself nicely to an all-around competent fighting game.

Bleach Erabareshi Tamashi [The Best] - In Stock

Ichigo Kurosaki teams up with Rukia Kuchiki or any one of over 10 characters in a 3-D action game where the duo punches, slashes, and blasts searing attacks again gangs of hollows and bosses. The player control the main character while the partner is under the guidance of the COM. Sony dubs the team action "Pair Battle System" where the two heroes fight side-by-side and perform combination attacks of a momentous nature. Kira Iduru, Urahara Kisuke, Rankgiku Matsumoto, Abarai Renji, Toshiro Hitsugaya, and Yasutora Sado are some of the other partners that may be teamed up with. For expert players who complete the game, a number of secret characters (some of them are listed above) are unlocked for a bit of variety in the match-ups. The game features a total of 31 missions which are basically jaunts against Hollow forces and their bosses.

To maintain the atmosphere of the animation, SCE commissioned all of the voice actors from the series to voice the characters in the action-slasher. The creator of the Bleach phenomenon, Kubo Tite, also supervised production of the game to maintain its authenticity to the source material. The game title translates to "Bleach Selected Soul."

Bleach Hanatareshi Yabou [The Best] - In Stock

Developed with the supervision of Bleach creator Noriaki (Tite) Kubo, Bleach: Hanatareshi Yabou is an RPG where Ichigo Kurosaki, Rukia Kuchiki, Uryu Ishida, and other cohorts engage in town exploration as well as Hollow slashing. The game features an original story based within the world of Bleach and the voice actors from the animation provide the spoken dialogue in the adventure. To provide fan service, Sony modeled the combat sequences after the dynamic fighting action in the television show. In addition to solo attacks by the likes of Ichigo and Uryu, two warriors may collaborate to pull off combination attacks to impact massive damage on Hollows. Special individual attacks are also available for a varied repertoire from which the heroes battle their enemies.

The game begins in Ichigo's non-interactive bedroom where he's already dressed in a crisp shirt and slacks. There's a guitar and a skateboard leaning against his bureau but neither may be picked up and used. Exit to the left and rush down the stairs to greet your sisters. Soon afterwards, Rukia manifests herself at the doorway and says, "ohayo gozaimasu" with a curtsy to start the day right. Poppy bursts in on the scene and Ichigo decides to leave for school with Rukia in tow...