Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Dance Collection - New Import, In Stock

«©NCSX» J-Pop popstars are a dime a dozen. It doesn't take much to become a J-Pop star - a presentable appearance, some dancing ability, and a voice that doesn't crack under pressure are ample qualifiers.

Namco's Happy Dance Collection puts players in the role of an up and coming pop star who has to move and dance in time to the beat. An easy comparison would be Idolmaster but that wouldn't really be correct. Whereas Idolmaster puts you in the role of a producer and choreographer of idols, Happy Dance puts you right in the shoes of the idol. Wield the Wii Remote in one hand and perform wave motions, circular gestures, and other arm actions that are reminiscent of J-Pop superstars. Voice actress Mizuki Nana provides the vocals

The game features a 24-song music list including "Choo Choo Train," "POP STAR," I'
ll be here feat. Aoyama Thelma," and "Go My Way" which hails from Namco's Idolmaster. Fans of KOH+ (Koh Shibasaki) will be pleased to know that KISSして is included in the library. A selection of songs from animation properties such as Anpanman, Doraemon, Precure 5, and Pokemon are also playable.

General Updates

Nintendo DSi on the way
«©NCSX» The first batch of Nintendo DSi units have shipped from Japan as of last night but they didn't arrive today. We expect to process and ship the first batch of NDSi preorders on Monday of next week. All remaining preorders should be fulfilled by Thursday of next week and NCS will be able to clear out everyone's reservation and/or new order.

Pricing as of last night remains JPY26,500 per unit from our Japanese vendors. Our Hong Kong suppliers have priced their supply slightly higher but as mentioned earlier in the week, we fully expect prices to drop by mid-late November. There's available supply in the marketplace but vendors are pricing their inventory at lofty levels at the moment.
Pikmin Plushes released
«©NCSX» Sanei debuted the highly anticipated Pikmin Plush Toys in Japan yesterday and our shipments have been sent. We should receive the cartons by Wednesday or Thursday of next week. Due to the large quantity of preorders in our system for the Pikmin plushes, we'll contact customers today and start preparing orders for dispatch in the next few days.
NDS Valkyrie Profile and Avalon Code
«©NCSX» Both Japanese Nintendo DS games were released last night and we'll receive them on Monday. All preorders will ship upon arrival.

Culdcept II for Japanese Dreamcast - Clearance

NCS Product Synopsis - Original Update: July 12, 2001
«©NCSX» NCS stocked Monopoly for the GBA a couple of days ago and today, we stock a game clearly inspired by the basic principles of Monopoly. A board game at heart, Culdcept II utilizes action and event cards to add a random wrinkle to the fun.

Gist: As an adventurer on a board, the player throws the dice and moves the allotted spaces on a preset route. Along the way, instead of buying properties with cash as we saw in Monopoly, the player takes over land (squares) by using monster cards to lay claim. Keeping territory comprises an important facet of the game as it's your key to wealth and thus the required amount of assets and magic points necessary to win the game.