Thursday, February 08, 2007

Last Hope

Our shipment of DC Last Hope finally arrived yesterday afternoon and we'll process and ship all preorders and new orders today. Some of the CD jewel cases were damaged or cracked during shipping but we'll include a replacement jewel case with any game case that has a hairline fracture or a chunk missing from the case.

The game is region-free and will boot on USA, JPN, and EUR Dreamcast consoles. Please note however that since the game is "homebrew" and uses a security exploit to boot on a DC console, it is CD-Rom based and will not play on Dreamcast consoles that have the MIL-CD function disabled by Sega. These consoles were released towards the autumn of 2000 and were designed to combat piracy which had, at that time, overtaken the console and quite possibly quickened the demise of the DC. «more»

XCM Universal Ypbpr VGA box

Despite being difficult to restock at the moment, the niche that the XRGB-3 upscan converter has carved for itself is safe from competitive assault. Nothing else really compares in the same price range. Still, there are alternatives out there and NCS imports one today for retail sale.
Farmer's recent universal Ypbpr VGA box accept video input from any component cable and pipes it to a VGA monitor. That's it. There's no upscan conversion process or any bells and whistles. The image quality is good but perhaps not as sharp and pristine as what we get from an XRGB-2+ or XRGB-3. Still, it's relatively inexpensive and gets video into a VGA monitor without any muss or fuss. The PC throughput is a bonus. «more»

Japanese Import Schedule Updates

Nintendo DS
3/15 Kuru Poto Starfish

Simple DS Vol. 13 The Arashi no Drift Rally D3P
3/29 My Melody Angel Book: Denshi Techou & Enjoy TDK

Shin Sangoku Musou DS: Fighters Battle Koei
4/12 Gyakuten Saiban 4 Capcom
Playstation 2
3/21 Musou Orochi Koei

Musou Orochi Treasure Box Koei
3/22 Shinki Gensou Spectral Souls II [The Best] Konami
3/29 Winning Post 7 Maximum 2007 Koei

Zoids Infinity Fuzors [The Best] Tomy

Zoids Struggle [The Best] Tomy

Zoids Tactics [The Best] Tomy
Playstation 3
3/01 Gundam Musou + PS3 60GB Console Koei
3/29 Winning Post 7 Maximum 2007 Koei
3/31 Blade Storm: the Hundred Years War Koei

Blade Storm: the Hundred Years War L.E. Koei
Playstation Portable
3/21 Sangokushi VIII Koei
Xbox 360
3/31 Blade Storm: the Hundred Years War Koei

Blade Storm: the Hundred Years War L.E. Koei

Shipment Update

Due to late product releases in Japan, please note that the remainder of this week's new imports are now scheduled to arrive on Monday. This includes the PS2 Oretachi Game Center games, PSP New Rainbow Islands and the PS3 Virtua Fighter 5 HG Joystick.

Suppliers started receiving the VF5 HG sticks on Wednesday but only in miniscule quantities. The balance of stock will be released to them tonight and NCS will be able to fill all preorders for the joystick on Monday. We cannot accept new orders at this time but additional supplies are expected to be released in Japan by the middle of next week.

According to vendors, the size of the stick is larger than the Real Arcade Pro 3 and fairly sturdy. We'll check it out when the shipments arrive.