Thursday, July 03, 2008

Space Invaders Bath Towels - New Import, In Stock

When shopping for towels, there's a myriad of choices in department stores across the land. You can keep your taupe-colored 100% Egyptian cotton towels but we want our (cue the trumpets) 30th Anniversary Space Invaders Towels.

Measuring 120cm (47.24") in length and thirsty, the cotton towels come in three varieties but we're partial to the white one decorated with menacing red invaders. If we were goaded into choosing a second one, we'd probably keep the one on the right of the product photo.

The three varieties are as follows
A) Black Towel with multi-colored invaders (top-left of photo)
B) White Towel with crimson invaders (bottom-left of photo)
C) Black Towel with Space Invaders logo and game (right of photo)

Preorders have begun shipping yesterday afternoon when the towels arrived but any remaining reservations will ship today. New orders are welcome to ship this afternoon. Pricing is set at US$20.90 per towel.

Indiana Jones Water Bottle - New Import, In Stock

«©NCSX» The adventures of Henry Jones Junior (they actually named the dog Indiana) resumed in May when Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull bowed on the silver screen. A merchandising barrage is still sweeping across North America but Japan gets in on the hype as well. In June, Taito released Indiana Jones Pocket Watch followed by the Indiana Jones Towels. This week, they help to quench general thirst with Indiana Water Bottles.

The bottles are extruded from a single sheet of
aluminum and the top of each one is clipped with a carabiner which allows for tethering purposes. Three styles are in stock today as follows (From the left of the photo and moving to the right):

A = Indiana Jones logo and hieroglyphs
B = Indiana Jones swings from a vine/rope/whip
C = Indiana Jones hat and crossed swords

Each bottle measures 22.22cm or approximately 8.75" in height. The manufacturer photo lists the height as 25cm but their measurement isn't correct and probably only refers to the pre-production bottles.

Preorders have begun shipping yesterday afternoon when the bottles arrived but any remaining reservations will ship today. New orders are welcome to ship this afternoon. Pricing is set at US$12.50 per bottle.

General Updates

Mario Galaxy Sound Drops
We received the new
Mario Galaxy Sound Drops gashapon today but they arrived too late in the morning for us to include in our site update. We'll examine them, take photos, and post a video on Monday. Preorders will ship today and new orders are welcome.
Independence Day
Tomorrow is a national holiday in the States and NCS will be on hiatus. NCS wishes all of our stateside visitors an enjoyable holiday break. Normal business operations and trading will resume on Monday, July 7.
Trivia: Based on historical statistics, the stock market is generally up before Independence Day 72% to 81% of the time. The first trading day after Independence Day is usually up 60% of the time. Observing the market action this morning, it looks like we're going with the norm in zig-zag fashion. Probably due for a multi-week rally of some sort...