Thursday, August 26, 2010

TOYS Rockman Roll 1/10 Scale Model Kit - Import Preorder

NCS Preorder Synopsis
«©NCSX» Whereas Rockman went to battle against errant robots in the original Rockman and Megaman games, Roll contributed to mankind by doing housework. Kotobukiya is producing a a Roll model kit which is posable once fully assembled and free standing. Roll wears her default red uniform with a green bow atop her blonde hair so that she looks like a haus frau even though she's only a tweenager. Roll may also be decked out in the red and blue outfit that she wore in Rockman 8. To change her facial expression, three faces are included along with three hand styles including a closed fist and one where she points with her index finger. Just like Wayne Newton. 

   Please note the Rockman "Roll" 1/10 Scale Model Kit requires assembly and paint in order to look like the figure shown in the promotional photographs. Preorders are welcome to ship in late December 2010 at JPY3000 or US$38.90 from NCS.

TOYS Silpheed SA-77 Lancer Model Kit - Import Preorder

NCS Preorder Synopsis
«©NCSX» Back in 1993, Game Arts released Silpheed on the Mega-CD and updated the PC-8801 game with clunky polygon graphics that were not impressive. In the game, a ship called the Silpheed SA-77 swooped through the heavens and blasted at enemy airships as they flitted into the screen like Galaxians. Fast forward nearly two decades and the Silpheed SA-77 is back in action in the form of a model kit which requires assembly and a steady hand to put together.

   The Silpheed SA-77 measures 26cm or 10.23" in length and all of the parts in the kit are white/grey to reflect the original colors of the Lancer in the Mega-CD game so paint isn't necessary. Preorders ship in Oct 2010.

TOYS Asobi ni Iku Yo!: Eris 1/8 Scale Figure - Preorder

NCS Preorder Synopsis
«©NCSX» The Asobi ni Iku Yo! animation premiered just last month in Japan but the lead heroine is already getting a toy sculpted in her honor. Back in the day when kids had to walk 10 miles to school (barefoot) and ate lunch out of tin lunchboxes, toys for new cartoons didn't come out until at least a year later after an audience had been built.

   The heroine of the animation is named Eris and she's a cat girl with big boobs. By cat girl, we mean that she's genetically a cat girl and not one of the fake cat girls who wander around the Comic-Con venue. Eris is also an alien who has landed on Earth and gets hooked up with a teenage boy named Kakazu Kio. Eris was chosen to be the debut heroine in a new girl figure lineup called the "La Beaute Figure Collection" from CM's Corp. The Eris toy is accompanied by a mascot named Asistloyd. Preorders are welcome to ship in late November 2010 at JPY8800 or US$123.90 from NCS.

TOYS Star Wars: Darth Maul Light Up ARTFX Statue - Preorder

From the Manufacturer
A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import! The 1/7th scale Star Wars ARTFX series is back, and it's back in a big way!

   Beginning an all new line of great heroes and villains from the Star Wars universe is the Sith master of the double-bladed lightsaber, DARTH MAUL. Appearing in Episode I - A Phantom Menace, Maul, an alien Zabrak, was the first member of the Sith to act openly in recorded history, ruthlessly attacking the Jedi Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi. While he may not have survived past that film, Darth Maul left a lasting impression on fans with his unique appearance and amazing lightsaber skills.

   The all new Darth Maul appears like you've never seen him before. Inspired by Katsushika Hokusai's traditional Japanese ukiyo-e ('pictures of the floating world') style, the Sith warrior balances atop a rocky outcropping in a samurai-like pose. Stripped to the waist, the Zabrak wears a tattered robe that twists and flows with incredible sculpted detail. In his state of undress Maul reveals a body covered in intricate Sith tattoos, while his snarling face captures his hatred for the Jedi and the all-consuming rage in his heart. Of course, no version of Darth Maul would be complete with his blood red double-bladed lightsaber, and this one even has a special light up feature!

   Sculpted by Junnosuke Abe, Darth Maul stands approximately 11 inches (in 1/7th scale with all other Star Wars ARTFX Statues). With its detailed construction and unique styling, this Sith menace is a snap-fit kit that can be put together easily in seconds without glue or modeling skill!

Preorders for the Star Wars: Darth Maul Light Up ARTFX Statue are welcome to ship in late December 2010 at JPY12,800 or US$116.90 from NCS. Due to the size of the Darth Maul statue, NCS recommends only shipping by UPS Ground within the continental United States to avoid dimensional-weight air charges.

NEWS General Updates

Import Delay
   Due to an overnight carriage delay, please note that this week's new imports are now scheduled to arrive tomorrow - on tap for Friday are: PSP Project Cerberus, PSP Monster Hunter Nikki Poka Poka Airu Mura, PSP Nisenochigiri, Wii Twinkle Queen, and the Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Cloud Strife Eau de Toilette.
Yen Trade
   Dollar's at 84.59 JPY this morning. Stepping in to buy but since conviction is fleeting in this type of market, the stop is at 84. The recent reports of the laughable "Hindenburg Omen" sighting offer some confidence in the trade.