Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Get Smart Blu-Ray Disc - Shipping Tomorrow

From the Publisher
Maxwell Smart (Steve Carell) is on a mission to thwart the latest plot for world domination by the evil crime syndicate known as KAOS. When the headquarters of U.S. spy agency Control is attacked and the identities of its agents compromised, the Chief (Alan Arkin) has no choice but to promote his ever-eager analyst Maxwell Smart, who has always dreamt of working in the field alongside stalwart superstar Agent 23 (Dwayne Johnson).

Smart is partnered instead with the only other agent whose identity has not been compromised: the lovely-but-lethal veteran Agent 99. As Smart and 99 get closer to unraveling KAOS' master plan--and each other--they discover that key KAOS operative Siegfried and his sidekick Shtarker are scheming to cash in with their network of terror. Given little field experience and even less time, Smart--armed with nothing but a few spy-tech gadgets and his unbridled enthusiasm--must defeat KAOS if he is to save the day.

Hell Boy II: The Golden Army - Shipping Tomorrow

From the Publisher
From the visionary director of "Pan's Labyrinth", "Hellboy II: The Golden Army" takes you into fantastical worlds with imaginative creatures and thrilling fight sequences unlike anything you've ever seen before. The roughest, toughest, unlikeliest of heroes is back with a signature blend of action and humor.

With bigger muscle, badder weapons and more ungodly villains than ever before, "Hellboy II: The Golden Army" features the ultimate battle of good versus evil. Packed with thrilling fight sequences, imaginative creatures and fantastical worlds, "Hellboy II: The Golden Army" is a must-own DVD for fanboys and movie-lovers, alike. The fate of mankind hangs in the balance when a ruthless prince awakens an unstoppable army of creatures and wages war with the human world.

It's up to Hellboy and his team of paranormal outcasts to face off with the forces of darkness in the ultimate battle of good versus evil.

Kung Fu Panda Blu-Ray Disc - Shipping Tomorrow

From the Publisher
Kung Fu Panda features Jack Black as Po the Panda, a lowly waiter in a noodle restaurant, who is a kung fu fanatic but whose shape doesn't exactly lend itself to kung fu fighting. In fact, Po's defining characteristic appears to be that he is the laziest of all the animals in ancient China. That's a problem because powerful enemies are at the gates, and all hopes have been pinned on a prophesy naming Po as the "Chosen One" to save the day.
A group of martial arts masters are going to need a black belt in patience if they are going to turn this slacker panda into a kung fu fighter before it's too late.

Directors: John Stevenson, Mark Osbourne
Producer: Melissa Cobb
Writers: Jonathan Aibel, Glenn Burger
Studio: Pacific Data Images
Original Theatrical Release: May 15, 2008

Loco Roco 2 - Import Preorder

From the Publisher
LocoRoco is back with a bounce, a roll and a splash in another joyous adventure on PSP.
The LocoRoco are in danger again, the evil Moja have returned and this time they've brought with them a terrible song that sucks the life out of living things! The LocoRoco must once again save their planet - this time by making lots of sweet music. LocoRoco 2 is easy to play, instantly addictive and guaranteed to make you feel all warm and fuzzy while you hum along to the soundtrack!

Game Features
Explore 25 new stages, including hidden challenges, and meet a colorful cast of new characters
» Enhance your LocoRoco through music and song, learning new actions to overcome the Moja

Kaze no Klonoa: Door to Phantomile - Import Preorder

The original Klonoa on the Playstation was one of those old school platform games that had charm, playability, and an ending that was emotional. Klonoa's popularity would allow the rodent-hero to go on and appear in a PS1 Volleyball game, a proper sequel on the PS2, and three Gameboy adjuncts.

Namco has decided to port the original Klonoa release to the Wii and the upcoming game appears to be a direct port that doesn't feature any Wii Remote waving functionality. Preorders are welcome to ship on December 11 at JPY4800 or US$48.90 from NCS.

Taiko no Tatsujin Wii - Import Preorder

Bang the drum (slowly and quickly) once again this winter when Namco ships Taiko no Tatsujin for the Nintendo Wii. The standard edition of the game ships with a special taiko/drum controller and a pair of thick plastic drumsticks. A wire from the back of the controller plugs into the Wii Remote so that gamers can drum wirelessly and unfettered by tethers.

Taiko no Tatsujin Wii features a 70-song tracklist which ranges the spectrum of J-Pop, animation, classical, and original music. Similar to previous Taiko no Tatsujin games, simple colored cues roll down a conveyer belt which are meant to elicit a Pavlovian response from the player. For example, when a
Red Smiley Taiko rolls into the rubicon, hit the surface of the TataCon but a Blue Smiley Taiko requires a smack the edge of the drum controller. A nifty new feature in the Wii version of Taiko is the lyrics display mode where the lyrics of songs are displayed on the screen so players and/or onlookers can sing along to the songs.

Preorders are welcome to ship on December 11, 2008 at JPY7600 or US$95 from NCS. Our pricing reflects the shipping costs required to import the game bundle from Japan to the USA.

General Updates

Meltyblood Actress Again - Secret Code
Type-Moon has posted a secret code for unlocking Neco-Arc in the recent Naomi Meltyblood Actress Again game. The instructions are as follows:

3) Place the cursor on "ARCUEID" and press the START button
4) The hidden character "NECO-ARC" is now unlocked
Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 / X360 Arcade
Sales for the HRAP3 continue to be brisk and we're sold out again. Another batch is expected within 1-2 weeks. Backorders placed now will be processed and ship once restock arrives.
The Xbox 360 Arcade Pack is also sold out again but another shipment is scheduled to arrive on Thursday of next week. The lot # remains "0837."

Gundam Side Story 0079 for DC - Clearance

NCS Product Synopsis : Original Update: August 26, 1999
«©NCSX» Gundam Side Story 0079 is a 3D mech battling and shooting action game which features the mighty Gundam and Zaku mecha. Pilot your way through hostile terrain and run 'n gun against enemy armor and installations.

Sale Offering: NCS' remaining inventory of Gundam Side Story 0079 for the Japanese Dreamcast is new, factory sealed, and in excellent condition. Pricing is set at US$23.90 each which includes "free" shipping by USPS Media Mail within the U.S.