Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Freshly Picked: Tingle's Rosey Rupeeland - In Stock

Update at 1:07PM EST
We didn't expect the game to arrive today and UPS had it scheduled for tomorrow but it's in and all preorders are shipping this afternoon. New orders are also welcome to ship today.

The impish Tingle is a rupee collecting jester who travels around the land collecting coin. Light-footed and blessed with a joyful disposition, Tingle evokes feelings of revulsion love and appreciation from all who witness his greedy antics. In the NDS game, Tingle roams around the world collecting rupees in a bid to elevate a tower to the heavens where lovely ladies are generous with kisses and libations flow like Deer Park Spring Water.

Super Mario Bros Sound Nuigurumi v2 - New Import

The first series of Banpresto's SMB Sound Nuigurumi toys were very well received and the two plushes (Goomba and Block) that we keep in our office still get smacked every once in a while to evoke their respective sound effects. To keep the Sound Nuigurumi success rolling, Banpresto releases the Super Mario Bros Sound Nuigurumi Series 2 toys to capture the hearts of men and women the world over.

The first Series 2 plush is a golden-colored Question Block which measures 20cm square or 7.87 x 7.87 x 7.87" in dimension. Similar to the Series 1 Question Block, a sound module is inserted inside a velcro backed flap on the plush which makes a jingling sound when pounded. Punch it with your fist or hammer it with your head and a familiar Mario game jingle plays sweetly. The second series 2 plush features the familiar green shell of a Koopa Trooper that's apparently scared. The beast within appears to be in hiding since we don't see its head nor any of its appendages. A sound module is also inserted inside a flap on the Koopa shell which makes noise when attacked. Preorders and new orders will ship today. Pricing is set at US$25 each.
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Super Mario Character Figure Collection 3 - New Import

The Mario Sofubi Figure 2 toys that arrived earlier this year sold well and NCS was emboldened by the rapid turnover. Banpresto apparently felt the same way and a third series of Super Mario Bros DX Soft Vinyl figures are in stock this week. The characters are as follows:

» Mario (A)
» Luigi (B)
» Toad (C)
» Green Yoshi (D)
» Pink Yoshi (E)

The Mario figure is similar to the Mario from Sofubi Series 2 but at a smaller stature. All of the figures have movable arms which may be posed and heads which may be turned left and right. The approximate height of each figure is 5" tall. All orders will ship today.
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Elite Banana Motion Plush Toy - New Import

Doodle simple facial features on a banana and you have Elite Banana, a recent toy franchise that's making the rounds in Japan. Banpresto's Elite Banana Plush toy sits on a red couch and holds a drink that may be cognac.
The Elite Banana plush takes two AA batteries (not included) and contains a sound activated mechanism inside. Clap your hands or yell out, "El gato es en la cocina!" and Elite Banana will rock back and forth on its couch in a slow, deliberate and somewhat disturbing fashion for about 16 seconds. After a while, it'll stop and sit quietly until the next loud sound triggers the mechanism to move Elite Banana once more. New orders and preorders will ship today.
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Pirates of the Caribbean Giant Cosbaby - New Import

In the recent Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End movie, Jack Sparrow resides in Davy Jones' Locker and finds himself aboard the Black Pearl. The ship is lousy with Jack's imaginary crewmembers that are carbon copies of... himself. Jack shoots one doppleganger in order to obtain a morsel of food and barks out orders to his hallucinations. Jack eventually swings off the boat but instead of being enveloped by the salty sea, he's lands on hard baked ground. Scuttling crabs later appear en masse and heft the Black Pearl to the ocean where Jack is reunited with his compatriots.

To get in on the POTC action, Hot Toys releases a "Jack Sparrow Giant Cosbaby" figure which measures 31cm or 12.20" tall and features posable limbs and a moveable noggin. The expression on Jack's face seems to convey astonishment or perhaps bemusement at something in the distance. Maybe it's a hallucination that his gaze is fixed upon. Pricing in Japan is set at JPY8000 or US$78 from NCS. We actually received a partial shipment of these a few weeks ago and all preorders have shipped already - the shipment today is restock. «Photo Gallery»

Xenosaga III 1/8 scale KOS-MOS v4 Figure

In the Xenosaga games, KOS-MOS is an android sculpted in the form of a blue-haired, crimson-eyed goddess. Despite her feminine appearance however, KOS-MOS is a battle-hardened war machine capable of impacting widespread damage. NCS suspects that despite the Xenosaga series ending with episode III, KOS-MOS will continue to make appearances in Japanese toy culture. She'll be as pervasive and enduring as Rei Ayanami and Asuka Langley of Evangelion fame.

A new collaborative effort between Happinet and Atelier-Sai (Code-G7) births yet another KOS-MOS toy variant. The color scheme of the figure is blue, white, and black against flesh-colored visions of thigh and shoulder. KOS-MOS' shock of blue hair neatly frames her face and feather-like armor appendages on her arms make her look somewhat jagged and dangerous. KOS-MOS stands in quiet repose but we generally prefer figures that are sculpted in energetic contortions that are full of vigor and vim. There's none of that here but at least she's wearing well-defined garters and white thigh high hosiery. In addition to the gun shown in the photo, a beam-blade weapon will be included in the package. The Code-G7 KOS-MOS is at 1/8 scale or roughly 22cm tall.
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Please note that we are sold out of the KOS-MOS v4 figure today. Restock is expected within the next 4-7 days.

General Updates

PSP Final Fantasy VII PSP Bundle Released in Japan
The arrival date for the Crisis Core FFVII PSP Bundles has been rescheduled to Friday of this week, not Thursday. Please mark your calendars accordingly. Due to the change, our aforementioned transaction processing has been rescheduled (Wednesday through Friday).
Xbox Live Arcade
Microsoft held a pre-Tokyo Game Show press briefing in Tokyo last night. Ninja Gaiden 2, Lost Odyssey, and Sangoku Musou 5 were shown but we didn't really care about the newfangled stuff. The important announcement was that Ikaruga, Trigger Heart Exelica, and updated versions of Rez and Every Extend Extra are all headed to Xbox Live.