Friday, November 04, 2016

 PS4 Darius 30th Anniversary Limited Edition - Import Preorder US$178.90

Product Synopsis
   Taito marks the 30th anniversary of the Darius franchise with a bounty of video game music more than video games in their upcoming Darius 30th Anniversary Limited Edition which includes the following items:

» Darius (The original shooter that started it all. Note this is the Arcade Archives version from Hamster)
» Seven-Disc Album Collection as follows:
• CD1: Darius (Arcade and Game Boy versions)
• CD2: Darius II (Arcade version)
• CD3: Darius Gaiden (Arcade version)
• CD4: G Darius (Arcade version)
• CD5: Darius Twin (Domestic and Overseas versions)
• CD6: Darius Force, Sagaia (Consumer version and Darius II Overseas version)
• CD7: Darius mobile version and New Arrange tracks
» Interview Booklet featuring a chat with composer Hisayoshi Ogura and development staff (32 pages)
» Blu-ray disc featuring super play footage from Darius, Darius Gaiden, and G Darius

   Preorders are welcome to ship on February 23-24, 2017. 
Product Specs
: Taito
Product SKU: 7015016102503
Territory/Language: Japan