Thursday, December 28, 2017

 TOYS Nintendo Super Famicom History Collection - New Import, In Stock

NCS Product Synopsis  
   The Nintendo Super Famicom consoles of yesteryear are revived, reduced, and molded into miniature recreations which measure a mere 6cm or 2.36" in lenth and width. Each mini game machine replica is accompanied by at least one controller and a cartridge while three of the systems include a miniature AC adapter. The five SFC recreations are as follows: 

<1> Super Famicom (SHVC-001) Released on November 21, 1990 (Includes Super Mario World and Zelda carts, two controllers, AC adapter)
Super Famicom Jr. (SHVC-101) Released on March 27, 1998 (Please note this has been canceled by the manufacturer)
<2> SatellaView (SHVC-029) Released in April 1995 (Includes AV Selector, BSX Cartridge, AC adapter, AC bracket)
<3> Superscope & Mario Paint bundle (SNSP-014) Released on June 21, 1993 and July 14, 1992 (Includes drawing pad, mouse, two carts)
<4> Super Famicom + Super Game Boy (SHVC-027) Released on June 14, 1994 (Includes two controllers, cartridge)
<5> Super Famicom + Super Game Boy 2 (SHVC-042) Released on January 30, 1998 (Includes two controllers, cartridge, AC adapter)

   The cartridges and controllers included with each console aren't just for show, they may be inserted into the consoles for plug-in functionality. Please Note: The miniature consoles are not working game machines but plastic replicas that are for collecting, display, or inclusion in Barbie's playhouse.  

   Preorders are welcome to ship in late December 2017. This product is normally sold through gashapon dispensers in Japan in random fashion but NCS will collect all five variants and supply them in a complete set. Please note the manufacturer canceled the Super Famicom Jr. (SHVC-101) toy from this set which has been reduced to a total of five miniatures. Update 12/28/17: This item is in stock and shipping.

Product Specs

Manufacturer: Takara Tomy Arts
Material: PVC/ABS
Dimension: L60mm (2.36")
JAN Code: 4904790859946
Japan Title: Nintendo HISTORY COLLECTION スーパーファミコン編 全6種セット
Territory/Language: Japan