Thursday, December 01, 2022

TOYS Gyuuho-san Houjun Otoyama Original (New, 2023) Import Preorder US$289.98

Product Synopsis
Update: December 01, 2022
   "Ushiho-san" from the limited garage kit sale event features the Zodiac Daughter designed by Mr. Otoyama Hojun, a prototype master who handles brilliant modeling, and Mr. Itsuru Akechi (Taishado) who is in charge of coloring the figure. Gyuuho-san Houjun Otoyama is an original creation based on an illustation who now appears in a figure from Daiki Industries!

   A crimson kimono with a black and white mottled obi, and a sweet scent emanating from kissel. If you look below the cowbell around your neck, you will see two huge spears..."Nominate me, brother. Hello..."

Set includes
Main figure
Display Base
Alternative parts (breast part)
Kiseru (smoking pipe)

Product Specs
Manufacturer: Daiki Kogyou
Size: Approx. H270mm
Material: PVC
Japanese Title: 牛歩さん 乙山法純オリジナル
JAN Code: 4582261373155

Territory/Language: Japan

Dodonpachi Resurrection Deluxe [X360/EUR] Damaged Shrinkwrap

NCS Sale Synopsis
Update December 01, 2022
   One particular copy of DoDonPachi Resurrection with damaged shrinkwrap from original NCS inventory. Please view video and photos for shrinkwrap damage. 

NCS Product Synopsis
Original Update: August 26, 2011
European shooter fans are looking forward to Rising Star’s localization of the Cave shooter “DoDonPachi Resurrection” aka “DoDonPachi Dai Fukkatsu” this winter but North American gamers are also invited to play because the game will be partially region-freeThe game will boot fine on North American Xbox 360 consoles but is incompatible with Japanese Xbox 360s.

   According to Yen Hau of Rising Star games, the European version of DDPDF will be the 1.5 version of the game. From an interview with Electronic Theater, Hau said, “We will be releasing the final version of 
Dodonpachi Resurrection in one Deluxe package. This includes the final Version 1.5 and both Arrange modes which were included in the Japanese release. The Black Label Arrange mode and updated Version 1.51 will be available as [downloadable content] over Xbox LIVE. We will also include the official soundtrack in the pack, just as we did with Deathsmiles.”

Sold Out Update: Typing of the Dead (2014) Playstation 2 Import with Keyboard

NCS Product Synopsis
Original Update: December 22, 2004
Sold Out Date: November 30, 2022 (In stock: 18 years)
Total Units Sold: 67 (3.72 units per year) 

«©NCSX» The once slumbering undead are now lumbering around in the streets and that simply won't do. Once upon a time, guns were used to dispatch walking terrors but that was the past. In an overly PC world, a keyboard is the only weapon required to blast zombies, mutants, amphibious beasts, and maniacal monkeys from their perches.

   The game starts starts slowly at first with simple words that are linked to zombies on screen. Type the word (Both English and Kana are listed) that is hinged to the creature and it will be slain. As multiple enemies appear on screen, the pace of typing speeds up as creatures press the attack and must be put down at a faster pace.

   New to the PS2 game is a 2-player cooperative mode, new mini-games, and a practice mode which rates your words per minute. This item includes the Typing of the Dead software and a USB keyboard for the PS2.