Friday, April 11, 2008

Days of Memories [Reissue] - New Import, In Stock

The ladies and lassies of various SNK properties are battle-hardened fighters capable of beating even the manliest of men. Tough and sometimes surly, the likes of Mai Shiranui and King suffer no fools. Until now. Explore the feminine side of SNK's stable of beauties in a romance game where conversation and interaction are the keys to a gal's heart.

The Days of Memories software titles were originally released for mobile phones in Japan but SNK collects all three games together for some summer love on the Nintendo DS. In addition to the dating action, players may also check out an Album which features event scenes from the games, endings for the assorted girls that you've completed, and BGM for some aural reverie. Update: Please check your email if you placed a preorder.

Kachou Shima Kousaku: Dekiru Otoko no Love & Success

Join the ranks of Japanese white-collar workers in what's probably the first ever business-oriented visual novel and educational software. As a young up 'n coming employee in an electronics conglomerate, players learn how to schmooze the clients, wear the right business attire, play golf with upper management, and act the part of a loyal corporate salaryman. In addition to the seriousness of the day-to-day drudgery, there's also trips to Vegas, vacations, and the chance to go to wine tastings and learn the differences between Reds and Whites.

Gamers will read lots of dialogue and watch the scenarios play out. At the end of each sequence, a question and answer session opens up which tests your knowledge of professional business practices and courtesies

Shinkyouku Soukai Polyphonica 0-4 Hanashi Full Pack

In the world of Shinkyoku Sôkai Polyphonica, musicians known as Dantists play compositions called "Commandia" which are used to appease the spirits and provide them with sustenance. The hero of the Polyphonica tale is a fledgling Dantist named Phoron Tatara who works at the Tsuge Divine Music Player Office. Phoron partners up with a red-headed spirit named Corticarte Apa Lagrangres. Phoron refers to her as "Corti" to avoid elocution issues when sputtering her convoluted moniker.

The Polyphonica visual novel games were originally released on the Japanese PC in 2006 and were adapted for the Playstation 2 in two separate volumes in 2007. To capitalize on the same games once again, publisher Prototype collects all five Polyphonica games and masters them on a single DVD. For the uninitiated, a visual novel is basically an interactive story that is told through lush artwork panels, voice acting, and copious amounts of dialogue. Gamers read, watch, and occasionally make a decision that affects the storyline.

Bonus item: All preorders and new orders shipping today will include a bonus Special DVD which contains a preview of the next Polyphonica game titled Shinkyouku Soukai Polyphonica: The Black.

Handle (aka Wii Wheel) - New Import, In Stock

A Wii Handle is already included with every copy of the Japanese version of Mario Kart Wii but if you need additional wheels for your friends and family, Nintendo also sells the Handle by its lonesome.

Please note the Wii Handle isn't actually a working controller but rather an ornamental accessory in which the Wiimote is slotted into for tactile driving action. Once the Wiimote is bolted onto the front slot of the Wii Handle, grab the wheel and twist and turn it in mid-air like a steering wheel. Welcome to the magical versatility of the Wii.

Preorders will ship today and new orders are welcome at US$22.90 per wheel. Note: Mario Kart Wii will be restocked on Monday of next week.

Mario Kart + Freeloader News Update Part II

Just another update on Wii Mario Kart (JPN) and Datel's Freeloader. We updated our USA Wii console to the 3.2U firmware and it still works with the Freeloader and Japanese Mario Kart. So... the rumors of the update breaking Freeloader functionality are unfounded.

Of course, there's always the chance that the next firmware update from Nintendo will bust up the Freeloader but until then, Datel's boot disc is holding up rather well. As an aside, our U.K. partner who supplies us with European goodies like Freshly Picked has confirmed that the European version of Mario Kart Wii also works on a USA Wii (3.1U or 3.2U firmware) + Freeloader. If we had known that earlier, we would have imported the European (English language) version instead of the Japanese version.