Thursday, April 12, 2007

Grim Grimoire + Bonuses

Millet Blaw has been accepted to the Magic Academy and she wings her way to Silver Star Tower atop a dragon. When Ms Blaw arrives, she's greeted by Gammel Drask, the head wizard, who takes her under his tutelage. Once inducted into the academy, Millet listens to Gammel's lectures and then engages in exercises where familiar forces are used to gather mana and battle enemy imps. At the outset of the game, the skirmishes are relatively simple affairs which are designed to teach proper movement techniques and battle tactics. The game tactfully nudges the player into the framework of the game with easy missions and training but later stages require an adept mix of planning, forethought, and quick action.

For gamers who need a reference point for the game play in Grim Grimoire, it can be compared to Warcraft where units are sent to explore and gather resources while other units are cobbled together into strike cadres that either defend the home "base" or are sent into enemy territory to conquer. When a unit is selected, it'll cheerfully acknowledge its commission and vocalize its pleasure when commanded. Games such as Grimoire are highly addictive and if you're immersed in mission after mission, it might be 7:00PM when you start playing but the next time you look up at the clock, it'll be 3:00AM in the dead of night. Time flies when you're that engrossed. «NCS Game Notes and Bonus Photos»

Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: MiniMini Daikoushin!

From the publisher: It seems folks love those Mini Mario toys. So much so that the Mario Toy Company has expanded the line to include Mini Donkey Kong, Mini Toad and Mini Peach figures to the series. With all these toys bringing him more money than he knows what to do with, Mario decides to fulfill his lifelong dream and open a theme park called Super Mini Mario World. The opening-day crowd includes Pauline and Donkey Kong, who immediately falls head over heels for the lovely lass. The proud ape tries to show off his Mini DK toy to Pauline, but she picks the Mini Mario toy over his and the jealous Donkey Kong becomes enraged. He smashes the displays, destroys the toys and takes Pauline to the top floor of the amusement park. Players must find Pauline and save the day. «more»