Wednesday, October 17, 2018

 TOYS Blade Arcus from Shining EX: Altina Elf Princess of the Silver Forest - New Import $168.98

Product Synopsis  
   "D- don't get the wrong idea!"

   From the fighting game featuring a cast of popular characters from the popular "Shining" RPG series, "Blade Arcus From Shining EX" comes a scale figure of Altina, Elf Princess of the Silver Forest! This figure features the typically very serious princess in a surprising pose! She has a somewhat confused look on her face as she rests againsts a log, giving off a very sensual aura.

   Everything from her gently closed hand to her outfit decorated with gold accents and her long ears and flowing hair has been sculpted with great attention to detail. The log and Altina are not directly connected allowing you to freely display her however you'd like. Be sure to add her to your collection!

Order Details
  Preorders are welcome to ship in late April 2019.

 Product Specs

 Dimension: H12cm (4.72") 1/7 Scale
 Material: PVC, ABS
Product SKU:
 Sculptor: Piron
 Japanese Title: ブレードアークスfromシャイニングEX 銀の森の妖精姫 アルティナ
Territory/Language: Japan / Japanese