Friday, February 08, 2008

Super Mario Galaxy Original Sound Track - Update

Depending on how re-confirmations go today, we'll possibly re-open orders for the Super Mario Galaxy OST again on Tuesday of next week. Please allow us a chance to contact customers who submitted their reservations after we closed preorders on our shop first to be fair.

Pricing for the Platinum version is currently set at US$43.36 but may rise slightly if we are able to accept new orders. The OST contains 53 tracks of music which are spread out over two shiny platinum CDs. Please note the OST is only available from Club Nintendo by redeeming Club Points and won't be sold in Japanese retail shops. View a photo gallery for the Mario Galaxy CD.

Creator's Labo 15: Evangelion Rei Ayanami - New, In Stock

In traditional toy licensing for the Rei Ayanami character, the blue-haired moppet is usually dressed in a skin-tight plug suit or in school clothing. Been there and done that. To death. After 100-200 incarnations of the same thing, the target audience tends to lose interest and glaze over after a while.

Rather than beat the dead horse which is skeletal by now, toy manufacturers have taken Rei in new and radical directions where she dons swimsuits, snazzy Christmas outfits, and even wedding dresses.
Shunya Yamashita takes a stab at rendering Rei in a new way and Mitsumasa Yoshizawa performs the final sculpting. The result is a futuristic version of Ms Ayanami that's not only chic but mod subculture casual. Rei's pose is evocative of Space Channel 5's Ulala or maybe Mylene Hoffman from Shotaro Ishinomori's 009-1 serial. Preorders have shipped already and new orders are welcome at US$68 per figure.

El Cazador de la Bruja: Nadie 1/8 Figure - New, In Stock

In the El Cazador de la Bruja animated series, a young girl named Ellis teams up with a bounty hunter named Nadie and the two embark on a world spanning adventure. Ellis suffers from amnesia and is originally Nadie's target but chance events conspire to join the two girls together with a common purpose. With Nadie's skills and fine marksmanship, Ellis gains a staunch ally with whom she'll discover her past and recover lost memories.

Japanese manufacturer Alter has announced preorders for a 1/8 scale Nadie figure where the bounty hunter is garbed in her work duds and cloaked by a wavy white shawl that's removable. The auburn-haired huntress also wears grey gloves and matching thigh high boots. Nadie measures 21cm tall and a display stand is included for mounting purposes. Preorders are s
hipping today and new orders are welcome at US$68 each.

Hokuto no Ken Balance Game - New Import, In Stock

Who amongst you is strong enough, agile enough, and brave enough to take hold of the Hokuto no Ken Balance Game and whip it around like a ping pong paddle? Release your grip on ego and use all of your god given skills to attempt to balance the ball that's tethered to the Hokuto no Ken fist + wrist. There's about 1.5 feet of slack on the string so that the ball will move freely as you toss the fist around. The goal is to send the ball swinging so that it gets perched on the knuckles, on the wrist, or upon the pointed index finger of the Hokuto no Ken fist. When the ball's being swung, the tension on the string causes the LEDs inside to flash with crimson glitter. The fist measures 18cm in length or approximately 7" from index finger to wrist. Preorders are shipping today and new orders are welcome at US$15 per fist + wrist + ball.

Omaezaki Lighthouse 1/150 Scale - New Import, In Stock

Between 1870 to 1876, a Scotsman named Richard Henry Brunton constructed 26 lighthouses across the coastline of Japan to ensure the safe passage of shipping vessels. RH Burton would later be known as the "Father of Japanese lighthouses" for his accomplishments. The first lighthouse to use a rotating lens to sweep across the expanse of the ocean was Omaezaki Lighthouse which began service on May 1, 1874.

To commemorate the lighthouse's 133rd year of operation, Zacca Pap has announced a 1/150 scale recreation of the lighthouse which measures 17.5cm (6.88") tall and houses 5 color LEDs which light up in green, blue, purple, yellow, and red. Preorders s
hip today and new orders welcome.

Super Black Jack Rio PVC Figure - New Import, In Stock

Rio is the pink-haired matron saint of gamblers across Japan. Well, that how she appears to us. Stylish, slim, and full of bosom, Rio generally dresses up in a black and white casino outfit which consists of a micro skirt and a vest that's occasionally unbuttoned. We suspect that's part of Rio's allure and what might constitute a casino player's "bonus" when she's dealing the cards.

There's no shortage of Rio products in Japan. None. Rio's soul was brokered and sold years ago to bidders who've churned out a steady stream of product to the marketplace. Toy stores generally have stock on hand of assorted Rio merchandise from towels to pillows to figures carved out of PVC. Japanese studio Orchid Seed gets in on the Rio action by announcing a 19cm tall figure with a flared open top and micro skirt.
Preorders ship today and new orders welcome.

Tachikoma Silver Soft Vinyl Figure - New Import, In Stock

The default color of the Tachikoma is blue with white trim. However, in episode 12 of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, two color variants were shown: a silver-painted Tachikoma which was eventually destroyed and a yellow-painted model which was also wrecked in an all-out assault against the Umibozu.

NCS has peddled a few yellow-painted Tachikoma toys in the past year but Fewture's Tachikoma Silver Sofubi is the first gray-gunmetal colored version that we'll stock later this year. The toy is made of soft-vinyl for a pliable mech that's somewhat shiny.
Preorders ship today and new orders welcome at JPY6800 or US$65 from NCS.

Yakin Byoutou Part 3: Ai Kazama PVC Figure - In Stock

In the Yakin Byoutou animation, nurse-in-training Mana (Ai) Kazama is an innocent young woman who just wants to help her fellow man. Mana signs up for an internship at a hospital and is charged with taking care of a deranged patient named Wataru Mizukawa. In his previous life, Wataru was a doctor who suffered unrequited love towards Ren Nanase of the original Yakin Byoutou. After Wataru discovered Ren's corruption at the hands of the sadistic Ryuji Hirasaka, he went mad and was admitted to the hospital. When he meets Mana, he notices her strong resemblance to Ren and plans his twisted machinations...

Gigapulse releases a 1/8 scale Mana Kazama figure that's attired in her birthday suit and little else. Mana's color scheme is pink and red... and the hues of flesh. The figure is fixed-pose but Mana's head may be twisted left and right to look around.

Pokemon Treecko Plush - Clearance Sale

Originally from the Pokemon Advanced Generation Deluxe Plush collection from a few years ago, Treecko is a 12" tall plush which sits cross-legged as well as cross-armed while a thistle hangs from the side of its maw. Treecko possesses exceptionally soft shiny fur and a squeezably soft body. Some plush toys have rough exteriors but Treecko isn't one of them. In fact, his exterior is uncommonly smooth to the touch and we found ourselves touching Treecko constantly to relish the silkiness. The plush's body is pliable and won't sit up on its own so it'll need a prop of some sort if you want Treecko to be seated as he appears in the product photo to the left.

Sale Offering

Pricing per Treecko plush is set at US$12.90 which includes free shipping by USPS Media Mail within the USA. Please note that Media Mail normally delivers in 5-10 business days depending on your proximity to our location in New York City.
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