Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Evangelion Horror Summer - In Stock

Sega kicked off the Horror Summer product festival in April of this year and announced a spectrum of goods that would be winging their way to market around September. That time is now.

The gals of Evangelion have been bitten by the horror bug and pose with spooks and spirits in a new Halloween-themed toy offering from Sega. To enhance the spooky appearance of the toys, the bases that the gals alight upon glow-in-the-dark with eerie luminance after being exposed to light for a few minutes. Preorders will ship today and new orders are welcome to ship this afternoon at US$7.50 per figure. «Photo Gallery»

Evangelion Angel Headwear - In Stock

Over the past decade or so, the regularity of Evangelion merchandise was something that we took for granted. Every month or so, toys, towels, bedsheets, matryoshka dolls, and other miscellany would reach the market and fans would eat it all up. A new Evangelion movie bowed in Japan this summer and it's only fitting that another flood of merchandise reach market henceforth. Japanese manufacturer Plex starts things off with officially licensed hats that are based on three Angels from the Evangelion mythos as follows:

The Third Angel named Sachiel (top of photo)
» The Fourteenth Angel Zeruel (lower left of the photo)
» The Tenth Angel Sahaquiel (lower right of the photo)

All orders for the EVA Angel Hats
will ship today. «Photo Gallery»

Freddy vs Jason Cosplay Gear - In Stock

If you've ever had the inclination to don a battle-weary hockey mask or wear a wicked-looking clawed glove, your chance is here. Continuing the Horror Summer theme, Sega releases two props for anyone aspiring to take on the personas of Freddy of Nightmare on Elm Street fame or Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13th movies.
The claws look menacing but they're made of pliable plastic and are mounted onto a rugged gray glove. The mask measures 26cm tall and is affixed to a wearer's noggin by two straps. «Photo Gallery»

Freddy vs Jason 12cm Figure - In Stock

You can't have a Horror Summer without bringing two of the scariest silver screen killers together in a figure offering. Freddy Kruegger wears his trademark claw-glove on his right hand while Jason Voorhees wields a blade capable of gutting fish, livestock, and the young adults engaging in relations scattered around the neighborhood. The clothing that the two murderers wear is also somewhat accurate replicas of their movie incarnations. Freddy's shirt looks right, his face is burned, and the hat is spot on. Jason's ski mask is recognizable but we would have dressed him in greasy rags instead of the shiny all-black ensemble. The figures measure 12 cm tall and orders ship today. «Photo Gallery»

Freddy vs Jason Fighting Game - In Stock

Freddy, meet Jason and Jason, meet Freddy. What happens when two unstoppable forces of nature stand on the same stage and slash away at the air? Answer: Not Much. Despite being titled a Freddy vs Jason Fighting Game, the two killers actually stand cheek to cheek (the lower cheeks) and face away from each other. A little lever on the side of each figure may be toggled to make Freddy and Jason tilt to and fro in an apparent lunge move... away from each other. We don't see the point but the toy is in stock today at US$15. «Photo Gallery»

He is My Master Bedsheet - In Stock

In the anime, "He is my Master," two runaway sisters named Mitsumi and Izumi became maids for an adolescent pervert with a hefty inheritance. To cater to master Yoshitaka's whims, the two girls were required to wear sexy maid's outfits which provided gratuitous views of their bodies.
Sega generally makes video games but the Sega Toys division makes bed sheets... at least in this case. Measuring 110 x 200cm (43 x 78") and considered twin size, the bed sheets cover up a bed with the image of either Izumi or Anna in their dainty maid outfits. Why is it that maid outfits are always frilly and why are garters always involved?

R2-D2 Laundry Basket - In Stock

In the various Star Wars movies, R2-D2 has opened gates, shot a lightsaber to Luke, and shocked creatures with electricity. Add one more admirable skill to R2's repertoire: storing laundry.
Measuring 40cm or 15.74" tall, the R2-D2 laundry basket cracks open at its mid-section and holds t-shirts, underoos, towels, and other articles of clothing that require washing. When its time to visit the laundromat, lug R2 with you and watch the other patrons stare at it with mouths agape and envy in their eyes. Repeat: Envy in their eyes.
«Photo Gallery»

Hearing Theater - In Stock

If you're the type of person who has to count imaginary sheep in order to fall asleep, Tomy has an alternative for you. Feast your eyes on the Hearing Theater which beams a serene scene onto the ceiling of your bedroom. Four animated images may be selected as follows:

» Daytime Ocean Surface Scene
Deep Ocean Underwater Scene
» Beach Scene where waves gently lap at the shore before receding
» Daytime Tree Scene where the wind ruffles the leaves

In addition to the soothing light show, users may plug a music player into the Hearing Theater to listen to some equally soothing tunes.

General Updates

Final Fantasy Crisis Core PSP Bundle
Our shipments of the Crisis Core PSP Limited Edition bundle are scheduled to arrive on Thursday of this week. As mentioned on our update posted last Tuesday:
Due to the volume of orders for the bundle and the relatively high transaction values, please be advised that we will begin processing and charging preorders today (September 11).

There's no way we can batch process all of the transactions in a single day so we have to do it over three days. As long as all of our shipments clear U.S. Customs expeditiously and make it in on time, NCS expects to ship all preorders on September 13.
Tingle Released in Europe
The European release of NDS Freshly Picked: Tingle's Rosey Rupeeland has been released and our shipment is being dispatched today. Barring any import delays, we expect the game to arrive on Sept. 13 and all preorders will ship once Tingle is in stock.