Wednesday, January 09, 2008

CGC 1/6 Scale Poison Statue - Restocked Today

In the original Japanese Final Fight game, three heroes named Cody, Guy, and Haggar went on a mission to rescue Haggar's daughter Jessica from the Mad Gear gang. There were memorable enemy bosses and underlings in the game including Rolento, Sodom, and of course, Poison and Roxy. P&R were biker chicks who wore short shorts and bikinis... in the hood. Poison was memorable for her hot pink hair and acrobatic kicks where she somersaulted and smacked Cody and company around. Despite having the face of an angel, Poison was lethal.

Masauzi Yoshizawa of REFLECT apparently remembers Poison well because she was available as a garage kit earlier this year but a finished PVC figure version of Poison makes it in today at JPY7140 or US$68 from NCS. The figure is set at 1/6 scale and measures 28cm (11.02") tall from her spiky heels to the top of her removable cap. A pair of handcuffs is included in the product packaging to serve as a nifty accessory.

NCS originally sold out of this product last month but a new batch arrived today and all backorders will ship this afternoon. New orders are also welcome to ship today. «View larger photos for this item»

Cyber Familator Lite - Expected Tomorrow

CyberGadget released a batch of Cyber Familator Lites in Japan yesterday and our shipments are scheduled to arrive tomorrow. What is a "Cyber Familator Lite" you ask?

Well, it's a Famicom adapter for the Nintendo DS Lite. Plug the NDS Lite on top of the unit via GBA slot and slide a Famicom cartridge into the Familator. Power up and play 8-bit games directly on the NDS Lite or pipe the video out to a television for big screen action. We'll post more photos and details tomorrow when the shipments arrive.

Star Wars Darth Vader W Size V.C.D. - Preorder

After what may have been a slow start for reservations, Medicom is once again soliciting preorders for the limited edition Darth Vader W Size Vinyl Collectible Doll which ships in mid-late February 2008.

Darth measures 44cm or approximately 17" in height. A total of 1,000 units will be released in Japan and each toy will be serially numbered so that each and every buyer knows his position in the universe.

Pricing is set at JPY31,000 or US$269 for the Japanese version of Darth Vader W Size but please note that a USA version of the toy (which is limited to 600 units total) will also be released sometime in the first quarter of 2008 at a substantially lower price of US$199. Preorders for the Japanese version are welcome today.

GT Force Pro (Sega Rally 2006) - Stock Clearance

Today's sale offer: Released along with the Sega Rally 2006 game two years ago, the GT Force Pro force feedback wheel features a "Sega Rally" logo in the middle of the steering wheel. Other than the special SR-branded box and logo, the GT Force Pro is like any other GT Force Pro. Please note the Sega Rally game is not included in this offer.

Product Features:
Lock to lock 2.5 turns / 900 degree rotation wheel
Sequential gear shifter
High power force feedback
More precision-steel bearing & optical sensor
Comfortable full rubber grip
Realistic pedals angle

Our cost to bring these in on January 9, 2006 was US$157.09 based on the USD/JPY conversion rate at the time and we foolishly assumed we would be able to sell them for US$175.00. Sale pricing is set at US$109 which includes "free shipping" by way of UPS Ground.

The GT Force Pro is a Japanese product but it is fully compatible with USA Playstation 2 consoles and USA software. -Photos