Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots - Preorder

The pricing for two variants of the Japanese version of MGS4 was finalized overnight by distributors. Prior to the revelation, online pricing was listed at JPY999,999. Details are as follows:

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Regular Edition
メタルギアソリッド4【通常版】ガンズオブザパトリオット (Japanese game title)
Mastered on a dual-layer Blu-Ray disk; includes MGS Online Starter Pack
Sku: BLJM-67001 / Jan Code: 4988602141856
Retail Price: JPY8800 or US$90.90 from NCS

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Special Edition
メタルギアソリッド4【スペシャルエディション】ガンズオブザパトリオット (Japanese title)
Mastered on a dual-layer Blu-Ray disc; includes MGS Online Starter Pack and bonus MGS4 "Making of" disk (single-layer Blu-Ray).
Sku: BLJM-67002 / Jan Code: 4988602142174
Retail Price: JPY9800 or US$101.90 from NCS

The dollar/yen exchange rate is under pressure but perhaps ¥95 is where there'll be support and buying interest. Preorders for the PS3 bundled edition of MGS4 were not started last night but they should open up in the next few days. Preorders will ship on June 12, 2008.

Sekai Atashi Demawatteru - Preorder

Global A Entertainment veers off the beaten path of RPGs with its upcoming Sekai Atashi Demawatteru which features a pampered princess as the protagonist. When she's rejected by her prince, the uncommon blonde adventurer scoops up her pet parrot Palo and embarks on a quest around the world to prove that she's worthy of his love. Preorders are welcome to ship on June 12, 2008 at ¥4800 or $46.90.

Ikki Tousen 1/6 Scale Kanu Unchou Cold Cast - Preorder

Kanu Unchou of Ikki Tousen fame is a popular subject for toy sculptors and their corporate overlords. The reasons are fairly evident but we'll list them anyway:

1) Kanu is loved by the Ikki Tousen fan base and her name generally perks interest when preorders open up.
2) She's attractive and has a girlish figure.
3) Kanu carries the Blue Dragon Crescent Blade
4) Her hair is purple?

Originally solicited in garage kit form, manufacturer Kurushima has announced a completed 1/6 scale cold cast figure which measures 26cm tall. Preorders are welcome to ship in late August 2008 at JPY19800 or US$198.90 from NCS.

Ikki Tousen 1/6 Scale Kanu Unchou Mokei Var. - Preorder

As if there wasn't already a surfeit of love for Kanu Unchou, toy manufacturer Kurushima has also started preorders for a limited edition 1/6 scale Kanu cold cast that will be distributed exclusively by Miyazawa Mokei. The special distribution agreement doesn't really mean much for us because we'll be able to stock the figure without restrictions. Case quantities are listed at 2 figures per carton at the same price as the regular edition 1/6 scale Kanu.

The limited edition figure features Kanu in a grey top with red handkerchief along with black skivvies. Her socks are still white however and her skin tone is convincingly flesh colored. Kanu measures 26cm or 10.26" tall and preorders are welcome to ship in late August 2008 at JPY19800 or US$198.90.

Bomberman Bakuhatsu "Sample" Plush - Clearance Sale

We have a small quantity of black Bomberman Bakuhatsu plushes which have the words, "SAMPLE" stitched above the Bomberman label on the front of the bomb. Other than the "SAMPLE" mark, everything else about the plush is identical to the standard black Bomberman Bakuhatsu plush.

The Japanese word "Bakuhatsu" means "Explode" and that's what Bomberman's bombs do. To capitalize on the decades old Bomberman craze, Banpresto unleashes a plush bomb which sports a lit fuse on top and a sound emitting mechanism inside. When the sound device is smacked and triggered by pounding on the Bomberman plush, two sounds roar forth from the innards of the toy which are meant to recreate explosive video game aurals from yesteryear.

NCS Sale Offering
Pricing per Bomberman Bakuhatsu Plush is set at US$19.90 which includes free shipping by USPS Media Mail within the United States. All stock is new and bagged in a crinkly wrapper. [View Larger photos]