Friday, January 22, 2021

 TOYS Komori Project Ultra 1/12 Plan Vol.01 Ultraman Neronga - Import Preorder $489.98/each

Product Synopsis
   Take a gander at the debut monster that inaugurates the Komori Project! The first creature is the "Invisible Monster Neronga" who made its first appearance in episode 3 of the original Ultraman series. Completely rendered in three-dimensional splendor with decorative scales and intricate details! The slimy gloss of Neronga's mouth creates a sense of life and dare we say, salivating hunger for destruction. The border between the dorsal fin and the body's surface is demarcated by a border that resembles dripping lava. Since the mold for the polystone creation is deep, the brownish color of the Neronga base craftwork remains firm and looks like it is permeated by blood vessels. Includes a leaflet signed by Yoichi Komori.

   Preorders are welcome to ship in late May 2021 at US$489.98/each. 

Product Specifications
Manufacturer: Ken Elephant
Dimension: L20cm (7.87)
Material: Polystone
JAN Code: 4589573452646
Designer: Yoichi Komori
Japanese Title: コモリプロジェクト ウルトラ1/12計画 Vol.01 ネロンガ
Territory/Language: Japanese