Wednesday, January 24, 2024

 TOYS The Gattai Max Combine DX Full Power Gridman [Preorder, 2024] US$218.98/Each

Product Synopsis

Update: January 24, 2024
   The combined transformation of Gridman and four Assist Weapons into Full Power Gridman is now completely reproduced in action figure form without surplus parts!

   The structure has been completely redesigned from the earlier version of the DX Full Power Gridman, and the entire body has been significantly increased in size. The redesign leads to increased knee movement that was not present in the original version; the core Gridman has a completely new joint mechanism, with built-in click joints to achieve stability when combined. It comes with a special body for use in the combined form, giving priority for ease of play after combining.

   Gridman Caliber is provided in two sizes -- large and small -- and it can also be combined with each Assist Weapon. Combine all four Assist Weapons to complete Full Power Gridman! Full Power Gridman can be equipped with the dynamic cannon that's included with The Gattai Dragonman DX Dynazenon (not included, sold separately); he can also be combined with Goldburn, included with The Gattai Grid Knight & Goldburn (not included, sold separately). Order this mighty mech for your own collection today!.

   Preorders are welcome to ship in late August 2024.

Product Specification
Publisher: Good Smile Company
Material: PVC, ABS, Diecast
Dimension: H24cm (9.44")
JAN Code: 4580590189041

Japanese Title:  THE合体 グリッドマン ユニバース 超合体超人 DXフルパワーグリッドマン
Territory/Language: Japan 

 SALE Simple 2000 Vol. 102 The Fuhyou: Senjou no Inu Tachi [In Stock, PS2-JAPAN] US$36.98

NCS Product Synopsis

Update: August 02, 2006
«©NCSX» As the last surviving member of a battalion, the protagonist of "The Fuhyou" wouldn't be faulted if he went AWOL. As in vamoose and gangway to calmer shores. But he's not that kind of guy. Resolute and determined to finish the job that his battle group set out to accomplish, he trudges on into enemy territory like a super trooper. Think of him as a poor man's Solid Snake... without the style nor the substance. After completing a few missions, the soldier reunites with his command temporarily before venturing forth on more theaters of conflict that take place in the jungle and within a somber east European city. All by his lonesome as a one man army.

   At the outset of the game, the protagonist has lost his entire squad but a catastrophe like that isn't enough to deter him. With meager rations, a knife, and a firearm, he is charged with infiltrating enemy encampments and killing everyone inside by sniper fire or conventional buckshot. When moping around in the jungle, the flora provides some measure of cover but it's pretty much no-holds barred warfare where soldier boy runs, guns, and lobs grenades at his adversaries while they do their best to return fire.

This game is also known as Simple 2000 Series Vol. 102: The Hohei: Senjou no Inu Tachi.

Region Lock-out
   Please note Japanese Playstation 2 games will not boot on USA or European PS2 consoles due to the inherent region-lockout on Playstation 2 game discs.

Product Condition
Brand new, factory sealed, Japan territory inventory imported from Tokyo in August 2006. NCS is the original importer and wholesaler/retailer of this item within the United States. Inventory has been stored in our primary warehouse since importation. 
Orders ship same-day (M-F) if placed before 4PM EDT.

Product Specifications
Publisher: D3 Publisher
JAN Code: 4527823993938
Japanese Title: SIMPLE2000シリーズ Vol.102 THE歩兵~戦場の犬たち~
English Title: SIMPLE 2000 Series # 102 Infantry Battlefield Dogs
Compatibility: PS2 (Japan-Only)
Format: DVD-ROM
Language: Japanese