Friday, May 11, 2007

Ochichi Meba Gashapon

In Japan, the word "ochichi" or "乳ちち" refers to breast. Oppai is another word that means "breasts"..... or "boobies" if you want to be adolescent about it. Toy manufacturer Epoch tests their audience's ochichi recognition skills with a set of 5 toy breasts. Two types are of the flattened variety which may be known as flapjacks while the other three are perfectly spherical with a protruding nipple. There's even one with cow skin camouflage, perhaps to indicate the totemic discharge of milk. The five styles are as follows:

» Flat cow-colored breast aka a cow-decor flapjack
» Flat flesh-colored breast that's shaped like a pancake
» Breast pacifier attached to a finger ring
» Round flesh-colored breast that's squeezable and bouncy
» Round cow-colored breast that's bouncy as well as squeezable

Pricing is set at US$16 for the complete set of 5 Ochichis and preorders will ship in mid-late April 2007.
If ordered alone, NCS will automatically ship this product with USPS Priority Mail at a flat rate of US$5. «Photo Gallery»

New Super Mario Bros Solar Toad

The sun provides the energy for the process of photosynthesis which ultimately provides the food supply for most of the planet's inhabitants. But we're not interested in that. No, all we care about is making sure the sun hits the solar panel on the Mr. Toad toy to make it rock gently to and fro. If you're indoors, a fluorescent lamp or a 60W bulb is powerful enough to make Toad move as well. If all you have is a flashlight, you'll still be able to move Toad by shining the light on the solar panel. The toy measures 12cm or 4.72" tall from the base to the top of the mushroom cap. Also known as the Super Mario Bros Kinoko Solar Figure. «Photos»

Ragnarok Online Jumbo Poring Plush

Fans of the MMORPG Ragnarok Online are well aware of the species known as Poring. For everyone else looking at the photo to the left, the words, "Teardrop-shaped blob of fluff" might be an apt description. Here's where NCS comes in to school you - the game world of Ragnarok Online is populated by the Poring beasties who tend to ignore humans and have a voracious appetite. They'll gobble things up but if slain, the gobbled thing is released into the world once again. The Poring tend to be regarded as cannon fodder since they put up little resistance against the stroke of a sword. For enterprising adventurers, a Poring may be kept as a familiar of sorts to gather items in the game world.

Since there is much love for the Poring, Japanese manufacturer System Service has started preorders for a jumbo Poring plush which measures a whopping 35 x 38cm or 13.77 x 14.96" in dimension. Two varieties are on offer - a pink jumbo Poring and a lime-flavored Poring. Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late September 2007 at US$39 per plush.