Wednesday, December 06, 2023

 TOYS ARTPLA SCULPTURE WORKS Ingram Reactive Armor No. 1 [Preorder, New] US$68.90

Product Synopsis

Update: December 06, 2023
  A 1/35 scale Patlabor Ingram Unit 1 equipped with reactive armor is now available at ARTPLA!

   A plastic kit of a high-resolution model designed by Yutaka Izubuchi! From Mobile Police Patlabor 2 the Movie, Ingram Unit 1 equipped with reactive armor is now available in ARTPLA! Designed by illustrator Yutaka Izubuchi, Ingram is a plastic model kit with fixed poses that pursues the most powerful and beautiful poses and proportions.

   There are plenty of highlights such as the organically shaped reactive armor part that conveys the texture, and the head and neck made of flowing surfaces. Although the surface shape of the parts is delicate, the thick molding allows for sturdy assembly. The molding color is pearl gray, which makes the unevenness of the molding stand out beautifully. Units 2 and 3 are also under construction! Please create a scene where all three aircraft are assembled.

- Scale: 1/35
- Size: Total height approx. 230mm
- Number of runners: 8
- Decal…1 piece included
- Product material: HIPS
- Molding color: 1 color (pearl gray)
- Prototype production: Kazuya Kira
- Fixed pose model

   Preorders for Ingram Reactive Armor No. 1 are welcome to ship in late March 2024.

Manufacturer: Kaiyodo
Dimension: H27cm (10.62")
Material: PVC, ABS
JAN Code:
Japanese Title: ARTPLA SCULPTURE WORKS イングラムリアクティブアーマー1号機
Territory/Language: Japan  

 SALE Astro Boy Tetsuwan Atom [In Stock, PS2-ASIA] US$68.98

NCS Product Synopsis

Update: March 16, 2004
«©NCSX» Thrusting through the skies of Astro City upon a 100,000 horse-power fusion reactor, Astro Boy battles the forces of evil with strength, smarts, and the metal burning flash of his finger laser. When in flight, Astro Boy moves with ease and hovers, darts and swoops with intuitive controls guiding the mighty mite. When battling, Astro Boy may grab large foes and swing them around (ala Mario on Bowser in Mario 64), punch, and blast out lasers to press the offensive. Objects may also be hefted and hurled for variety in the attack department. The illusion of flight is reasonably well done and Astro gives off the impression of weight and gravity during flying sojourns.

Asian version vs Japan version
The only difference between the Asian and Japanese version of PS2 software is the distribution mark on the back of the DVD insert. The Asian version includes a Japanese game DVD and a Japanese instruction manual. As an added bonus, the Asian version includes an English quick-start guide which reveals the controls in the game.

Region Lock-out
Please note Japanese Playstation 2 games will not boot on USA or European PS2 consoles due to the inherent region-lockout on Playstation 2 game discs.

Product Condition
Brand new, factory sealed, ASIAN inventory imported from Hong Kong in March 2004. NCS is the original importer and wholesaler/retailer of this item within the United States. Inventory has been stored in our primary warehouse since importation. Orders ship same-day (M-F) if placed before 4PM EDT.

Product Specifications
Publisher: Sega
Compatibility: Playstation 2 (Japan-Only)
Format: DVD-ROM
Territory/Language: Japanese
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