Wednesday, December 12, 2007

NEOGEO Battle Coliseum - New USA Release, In Stock

From the Publisher
In February, 2017 of the new Japanese era there is a man trying to rule the NEOGEO world. This man who sat at the heart of The Warez Conglomerate with overwhelming financial power behind him, had already set out on his ambitious path to gain NEOGEO World's power. Those who knew the truth of his intentions were already trembling with fear... As NEOGEO World drew closer to the verge of disaster a Warez sponsored fighting competition was announced. NEOGEO Battle Coliseum.

Game Features
» Total of 40 characters from SNK's most popular franchises including Metal Slug, King of Fighters, Samurai Shodown, World Heroes and many more.
» 2-on-2 tag team battle format. Switch tag-team members during matches to mix up the action.
» Color edit mode - Modify the appearance of your favorite characters
» 6 hidden characters to unlock
» Exclusive new playable character, not found in the arcade version
» Additional Command Edit Function

Hokuto no Ken Bottle Opener - New Import, In Stock

Have you ever busted out a bicuspid because you used your teeth to pop the cap on a bottle of cola? Chomping on the jagged edge of a bottle cap is a dangerous proposition in the first place but wrenching it open with only mouth strength can cause major damage.

That's where the Hokuto no Ken bottle opener comes into play. Jam the clenched Hokuto fist on top of a bottle cap and let it do the hard work and save your teeth. You know, those teeth that you'll have to rely on for the rest of your life. When the rim of the opener touches the metal cap, a sound not unlike barking issues forth from the built-in speaker. Three bottle opener varieties are available: A flesh-colored fist, a bronze fist, and a metallic silver fist. All orders will ship today at US$9.50 per fist.
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Hello Kitty Speakers - New Import, In Stock

Hello Kitty is sort of like the matron saint of womankind. She's attractive, politically inert, has no opinion on abortion, and accessorizes with everything. From little girls to old mature women, Kitty potentially serves as a stamp of femininity that just about everyone can approve of.

Hello Kitty generally isn't found in technology products but Sega has released a pair of speakers that are housed within the simple facial structure of a Kitty toy. The clamshell design allows for compact storage and a retractable cord can be reined in when the speakers aren't in use.

Ragnarok Online Collection Plush - New Import, In Stock

Cuddy creatures come alive when System Service unleashes the Ragnarok Online plushes. Measuring a modest 10cm in height, four creatures are featured as follows:

(A) Poporing - A green teardrop shaped beastie
(B) Arc Angeling - Aqua-blue color to match the heavens above
(C) Poring - Bright eyes, pink patina, and a crooked smile = love.
(D) Drops - Golden-wheat colored beast with a pained expression

Poison Pink - Preorder, Ships on February 14, 2008

Flight-Plan's upcoming Poison Pink strategy-RPG for the Playstation 2 borrows ideas from the famous MegaTen series. The game features a demon collection system where monsters are defeated and then inducted into your party. Flight-Plan's solicitation mentions that 50% of preorders will ship with an Official Visual Book which contains character and demon artwork.

Torinohoshi ~Aerial Planet~ Preorder, Ships on Feb 28, 2008

Join the birds in the sky (the ones in the screenshot sort of look like Prinnies) and embark on an action adventure that follows the growth of a lad who flies across a world primarily covered by water. Billed as a flight simulator without conflict, players fly and commingle with feathered friends. The first production of the game will include a bonus "Planet Symphony" music CD.

MS Gundam: Giren no Yabou - Axis no Kyoui - Preorder

Bandai has re-issued a couple of Gundam Giren games on the PSP but Axis no Kyoui represents the first new release that's exclusive to the Playstation Portable. The game features tactical-strategy action where mech forces face opposing forces across the ether. A cast of 200 heroes and over 400 mechs from Gundam Z, Char's Counterattack, and the original Gundam appear in the game.

Early preorders (50% ratio) will ship with a bonus Gundam DVD which recounts the history of the series.

Coded Soul - Preorder, Ships on Feb 7, 2008

Embark on a journey to the world of Idea to save a damsel in distress. Along the way, the feathery-haired hero named Jay corrals monsters and uses them to battle on his behalf. Dungeon crawling is the name of the game and over 100 types of monsters may be defeated and then yoked into your crew.

Early preorders (30% ratio) will ship with a bonus "Making of Coded Soul" DVD which chronicles the preparation and work that
Kouji Okada's Gaia studio put into developing the game.

Oneechan Bara Revolution - Preorder

Aya can't sleep and she can't eat. All she can think about are the zombies - an army of shuffling undead that's on the rampage once again.

In previous Oneechan Bara games, players pressed a button to slash out attacks while sitting on the futon like a potato. Nevermore. Thanks to the magic of the Nintendo Wiimote, players get to swing and thrust their arms like true action heroes to chop zombie limbs and eviscerate undead bowels.

All preorders (1:1 ratio) will ship with a bonus Oneechan Bara Soundtrack CD.

Patsuto Tokeru! Indo Suugaku Doriru DS - Preorder

If you were the kind of kid that didn't like math and always protested, "B-B-But I'm never going to use it when I'm all growed up!" then Patsuto Tokeru isn't for you. Run far yonder from this release. However, if you were a member of the Elite Mathlete Club in both junior high school and high school, this one's got your name all over it. Learn mathematics and math formulas from an Indian bloke who teaches 42 mental calculation methods which might help you get a handle on your finances, blunt the trajectory of your spending, and solve other math problems that have beguiled modern man for the past 50 years.

Early preorders (30% ratio) will ship with a bonus miniature Rubik's Cube that you can use to strengthen the inner workings of your brain. Or something like that.