Friday, December 26, 2008

RIZ-ZOAWD - New Import, In Stock

«©NCSX» The Wizard of Oz gets a remix and a revision in Media Vision's Riz-Zoawd which is a not-so-clever anagram of the original film title. We would have went with War-Dizzo but that's just us. In the game, Dorothy and her dog Toto are transported to Oz where they encounter all manner of oddities including a Lion who's an utter coward, a Scarecrow in search of a brain, and a Tin Man who needs a heart. Yes, it sounds crazy but it worked once in the movies and it might work again in a game format.

Riz-Zoawd features an interesting control scheme where a green trac-ball is represented on the touch screen of the NDS. To move, roll the stylus on the trac-ball and Dorothy and crew will wander across the world of Oz in flowing motion.

Shirokishi Monogatari - New Import, Restock Soon

«©NCSX» When the waif-like Princess Cisna's ceremony is interrupted by the Wizard Corps, destiny unites a boy named Lenard with a mech suit known as the White Knight. By "bonding" with the suit, Lenard becomes a warrior capable of tackling the Wizards and their minions. Despite Lenard's fateful encounter with the Princess as well as the means to save her, the Wizards kidnap her anyway. Bound by a sense of duty to finish what he started, Lenard vows to go after the Wizards and rescue the Princess.

Shirokishi Monogatari aka White Knight Chronicles is a 3D action-RPG where Lenard and supporters travel the land and face off against conventional soldiers as well as towering behemoths who are much more durable, dangerous, and difficult to kill. Normal grunts can be attacked by Lenard and party with normal weapons and slashing action. However, when formidable opponents enter the fray, it's time for Lenard to transform into the White Knight and meet them head-on. The game is the first Playstation 3 offering from Japanese developer Level-5. Early preorders will ship with a bonus WKC soundtrack in 30% ratio.

Royds Stick EX - New Import, In Stock

«©NCSX» NCS has been using the Royds Stick EX for a few years now on the Playstation 2. The manufacturer Try Electronics adapts the joystick for the PS3 by adding a USB connector but the basic functionality is the same as the original Royds Stick EX that we've been using for a while.
The design of the stick uses a modular panel which slots into the base and two different button panels may be inserted into the base as follows:

Standard 8-Button Panel
All right face buttons and trigger buttons (
○, X, O, Δ, L1, L2, R1, R2) are located on the panel in a 4 x 2 configuration. The weight of this particular panel is 500g or 1.10lbs.

EX-System 4+1 Button Panel
The four face buttons and a trigger (
○, X, O, Δ, L1) are spaced across the panel in a truncated arc pattern. The weight of the panel is 400g (0.88lbs).

Dimensions: Width 290 × height 105 × depth 230 (11.41 x 4.13 x 9.05)
USB Cable Length: 2.0m (6.56 feet long)
Product Weight: 1600g (3.52 lbs)

Pikmin Wii de Asobu - New Import, In Stock

«©NCSX» The adventures of Captain Olimar and the Pikmin are revisited in the Wii rendition of Pikmin which is a complete overhaul of the original Gamecube game. It was all the way back in October 2001 when Pikmin was released for the Japanese Gamecube and proceeded to charm the world with a portly protagonist and whimsical plant-like creatures. Pikmin has enjoyed enduring popularity over the past few years as evidenced by our continued sales of cellphone straps and plushes. The Wii conversion features Nunchuk and Wii Remote control which allows Olimar to marshal the Pikmin and direct them across the world. The game is somewhat awkward at first because camera options are not available at the outset - you're afforded only a tight shot of the playfield that's very claustrophobic but once things get going, three camera viewpoints of the world may be toggled by pushing left, up, or right on the D-Pad.

When the adventure begins, Captain Olimar is zooming along in his Dolphin spaceship when a tumbling space rock crashes into him. Quickly losing control as well as altitude, the Captain makes a fiery descent into the planet below. Although Olimar survives the crash landing in one piece, his ship isn't so lucky. Parts and pieces have been strewn across the planet and Olimar must retrieve them in order to go spaceward again.

General Updates

Mario Sofubi Figures
The Super Mario Sofubi Prize Collection 3 and the Mario Sofubi DX 7 were both shipped from Japan today but our supplier mistakenly shipped them with the fastest UPS Worldwide Express service. This means we'll be paying more for the shipping cost than the entire shipment is worth since the boxes are huge. What a way to end the year, huh? The toys are expected to arrive on Monday or Tuesday of next week.
Next Week
Most of our Japanese suppliers will be starting their winter holiday on Tuesday of next week. As such, we don't expect any new Japanese imports between December 30, 2008 through January 14, 2009. One new Korean PSP release is expected on January 29 - DJ Max Portable Black Square.
European Imports
Backorders for the European version of Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe should be filled in the first full week of January 2009.