Tuesday, March 29, 2011

PSP Classic Dungeon X2 - New Import

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» The original Classic Dungeon gave gamers an adventure game filled with old school flavor. Retro features such as 5-channel-sounding music, big-pixel graphics, and beeping-booping sound effects all conspired with a simple quest to hearken back to the olden days of gaming. Nippon Ichi releases a sequel which offers another classic RPG experience but this time around, there's a lot more to love.

   At the outset of the game, players can opt to use pre-made character archetypes for the protagonist or create a unique character on a simple illustration grid by using a pencil tool and paint. New to the construction kit is the ability to animate characters and create linkages between party members to show their relationship. Players who have characters from the original Classic Dungeon can transfer them to the sequel.

   Once created, the character roams the world with a party to explore, slay monsters, and level up. The action runs in real-time with seamless battles that take place on the overworld as the party explores. The "X2" in the game title refers to the doubling of elements in the game - there's twice as many weapons, magic circles, and even jobs that heroes can occupy. Players can create their own theme music by using a the built-in
Music Macro Language facility to compose up to five tracks that play during dungeon exploration or in the tavern.   

 TOYS Big O: R. Dorothy Wayneright Figma - Preorder

From the Manufacturer
   A figma of the unsociable android. From the mecha anime 'The Big O' comes a figma of the android who serves Roger, R. Dorothy Wayneright.

» Using the smooth yet poseable joints of figma, you can act out a variety of different scenes. Flexible plastic is used for specific areas, which allows proportions to be kept without compromising posability.
» She comes with two expressionless faces perfect for her personality, the direction of her eyes differs in the two faces.
» The black cat 'Pero' from Act 08: 'Missing Cat' is also included, as well as a posable mop.
» She includes replaceable parts to pull out the band in her hair to reveal the memory drive inside.
» A poseable figma stand is included, which allows for various poses.

 TOYS To Heart 2 XRATED: Kousaka Tamaki Beach Side - Preorder

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» In the To Heart 2 game and subsequent OVA series, Tamaki Kousaka was an compelling character with depth and complexity. Poised, honorable, and capable of playing the piano, Tamaki had admirers from the entire student body. All of those refined qualities are for naught in the upcoming Kousaka Tamaki Beach Side figure where Tamaki's reduced to a beach trophy.

   Tamaki's seated on a blue beach chair in a red bikini which matches her hair. She's not a lady however - her left leg's lifted upwards in an inexplicable show of unladylike behavior. Tamaki holds a bottle of spray in her right hand which might be lotion since she's on the beach. Preorders are welcome to ship in July 2011 at JPY9800 or US$123.90. 

 TOYS Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls Yagyu Jubei - Preorder

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» Yagyuu Jubei Mitsuyoshi is a legendary samurai whose life and times have been chronicled and fictionalized by numerous written works, manga, and television series. Jubei is a male figure (trust us, we checked) from Japanese history but in Samurai Girls, Jubei has become an attractive ginger with big eyes, an attractive figure, and a sassy attitude. She also has a thick length of braided white rope attached to her back and a pair of thinner braided ropes which encircle her thighs.

Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls Yagyu Jubei figure measures 23cm or 9.05" in height and is constructed of pre-painted PVC. Yagyu is fixed-pose and grasps two swords which she thrusts out in front of her. Two black scabbards are affixed to the sides of her thighs to ensure that the blades have a resting place when the moment of antagonism has passed. Yagyu's outfit is pink and red so she looks like a flower. Sort of.

   Preorders are welcome to ship in July 2011 at JPY6800 or US$100.90 from NCS. Due to the size of the figure, NCS recommends only shipping by UPS Ground within the United States to avoid onerous air-service charges.

 TOYS Kusanagi Motoko SEBURO M-5 & HK-VP70 ver. - Preorder

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» Hailing from Masamune Shirou's epic Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - Solid State Society, Major Motoko Kusanagi is a cyborg under the employ of Public Security Section 9. Battle hardened, gritty, and full of spirit, Motoko is a reliable operative who gets important and meaty assignments from her overlords.

Kusanagi Motoko SEBURO M-5 & HK-VP70 ver. 1/6 Cold Cast from Alphamax features Motoko in a skintight outfit that's basically painted on. She's carrying handguns called the SEBURO M-5 and HK-VP70 which are apparently cocked, locked, and ready to fire. Preorders for the cold cast are welcome to ship in late August 2011 at JPY168,000 or US$239.90 from NCS.

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