Wednesday, May 18, 2022

TOYS Pullip Ange Fashion Doll (Preorder, 2022) Preorder $289.98/each

Product Synopsis

   Dressed in a fluffy dress full of lace, like ♡ an angel carrying happiness..... That kind of feeling!

   Collaboration with the very popular apparel brand "BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT," the long-awaited new work has appeared!

   The costume that faithfully reproduces the popular clothes "Marie de Ange" that is cute like an angel is very attractive with plenty of fluffy tulle and lace! The dress with generous use of white lace and ribbon is the very ♡ longing of a maiden.

   Even the flower decoration at the chest was delicately reproduced in detail. The headdress is sparkling with gold charms of the original design of "BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT". Of course, you can put on a headdress, a veil, and even a ribbon with a veil at the waist behind the dress!

   Please ♪ love it with your favorite coordination. The bouquet that matches your clothes is a cute design with white roses, pearls, and a long hanging ribbon. Like an angel, "Ange" who brings a soft and wonderful moment, please ♡ welcome me by all means

   Preorders are welcome to ship in late August 2022.

Manufacturer: Cheonsang Cheonha
Dimension: H31cm (12.20")
Material: ABS, POM, HIPS, TPR, Cotton
Japanese Title: Pullip Ange (アンジュ)
JAN CODE: 4560373834887
Region/Language: Japan

PS2 Simple 2000 V114 The Jokouppichi Torimonochou - Oneechan Go Go Go! US$69.98 (Sale Offer)

 NCS Product Synopsis

 Update: February 19, 2007
 «©NCSX» The previous heroine of the Oneechan games has been getting a little long in the tooth. Maybe Aya's on vacation from the self-created killing fields after her impressive work in Vortex. Or maybe D3 Publisher needed to expand their successful Oneechan franchise with a younger and more attractive killer. The new heroine shares one remarkable trait with Aya - the same bad taste in clothing and a lack of any fashion sense.
    Set in an alternate reality version of Old Edo, Detective Oharu is a 19 year-old redheaded gal who walks with an extremely odd gait and chops up Edo-era miscreants with a stylized sai (釵). Her alternate weapon is an energy lasso, sort of like Wonder Woman's which is used to tie up enemies and smash them around. As the story goes, a criminal enterprise has infiltrated society with their nefarious operations and it's up to a bright-eyed and impressively endowed young woman to bust up the gang. The game is broken up into levels which are selected from a menu screen with each subsequent stage unlocked after a mission is completed. Furthermore, the levels feature completion percentages. Find all the special items and kill everyone to reach 100% but do a half-ass job and you might scrape by with 50%. Each level concludes by defeating a somewhat mighty boss.
 Jan Code: 4527823994270
 Japanese Title: SIMPLE2000シリーズ Vol.114 THE女岡っピチ捕物長 お春ちゃんGOGOGO!