Friday, February 15, 2008

Cloud Vol. 1 Special DVD - Japanese Import, In Stock

Cloud is what we would consider a sympathetic hero. While awe-inspiring with his innate skills and abilities, we nonetheless pity him. Cloud suffered an agonizing loss in Final Fantasy VII and he suffered from Geostigma in Advent Children. His eyes betray a great sadness within but he shoulders onwards nonetheless. We'd advise him to go Goth and dye his blond locks black to match his somber aura.

Square's got a cottage industry centered around Cloud and the company produces a 122-page book and DVD which focuses on the tragic hero and the games that he's featured in. Yes, we're aware that the mook was released in mid-December 2007 but better late than never?

The early pages of the mook (magazine + book = mook) contain a Final Fantasy VII Compilation Gallery which features full-page artwork and information on the main characters in the game. There's Cloud, Tifa, Sephiroth, Aerith, and others. On page 45, Gackt makes an appearance and he's strangely exotic with his blue eyes and feathered hair. He's sort of like a Final Fantasy character come to life. A full listing of the chapters in the mook and the DVD may be viewed on our product page.

One Piece Portrait of Pirates Neo-4 Shanks - Preorder

In the One Piece animated series, Shanks is captain of the Red Haired Pirate Crew which is a group of rabble rousers with a penchant for living it up. Despite their tendency towards alcoholic libations, the Crew is nevertheless a fearsome group of brigands with formidable pirate skills.

Shanks makes his first appearance in the One Piece Portrait of Pirates toy series and he does it in style. Cloaked in a swishy black cape and garbed in a white shirt, Shanks may be mistaken for a crusader. Except Shanks wears sandals, only has one arm, and is a rogue of the highest order. The OPPOP Shanks figure is sculpted to 1/8 scale and measures 22cm or 8.66" tall. An octagonal display base is included for mounting purposes. Preorders ship in mid-late May 2008 at JP4500 or US$53.90 from NCS.

One Piece Portrait of Pirates Neo-4 Sanji - Preorder

Sanji is a skilled fighter but that's not all. He's also an excellent cook (much to Luffy's delight) and can whip up a tasty meal at a moment's notice. Before joining the Straw Hat Pirates, Sanji worked on a floating restaurant called the Baratie which was established by his mentor Red Leg Zeff. Whenever pirates are lost and chance upon the Baratie, they can climb aboard for a meal and perhaps a respite from the rigors of the sea.

Sanzi made an appearance in the first Portrait of Pirates Series 2 along with Usopp and Nico Robin. The Neo-4 version of Sanzi appears to be identical to the original but we'll do a side-by-side comparison once we receive it. An octagonal display base is included for mounting purposes. Preorders ship in mid-late May 2008 at JP4500 or US$53.90 from NCS.

One Piece Portrait of Pirates Neo-4 Nami - Preorder

Nami navigates for the Straw Hat Pirates and also serves as a treasurer. She doesn't mind either job because she aspires to create a map of the world and she loves money. When we first meet Nami in the One Piece series, Nami's in the process of looting a pirate ship.

Nami's Neo-4 re-issue is her third Portrait of Pirates release. She was in the original series and in the Neo-2 release. Nami's decked out in a purple bustier with the number 3 printed on the front and a lavender miniskirt. She's also rocking a pair of home-made orange "boots" with the boots in quotes because they're really just two pieces of plastic strapped together with twine. An octagonal display base is included for mounting purposes. Preorders ship in mid-late May 2008 at JP4500 or US$53.90 from NCS.

Oretachi Game Center: Moon Cresta - Clearance

Hearken back to a simpler time when shooters featured stark black backgrounds to give the illusion of the void of space. Moon Cresta is somewhat similar to old school shooting games such as Galaxian, Space Invaders, and Phoenix. The following bonuses are included in the package in addition to the original game software itself:

• Audio CD which contains 15 BGM samples and synth remixes.
• Movie DVD which spans 15:45 minutes and contains footage of other Oretachi games and video captures of players going through the game.
• Standard game booklet which explains the basics of Moon Cresta
• Booklet featuring historical material and assorted old school memories.
• Glossy trading card and a quick-play reference sheet (loose leaf page)

NCS Sale Offering

Pricing per copy of Oretachi Game Center Moon Cresta is set at US$18.90 which includes shipping by Media Mail within the USA.
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