Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Domokun Sports Suruzo Plush - Preorder

When sizing up Domokun in a competitive event, our first inclination is to avoid the teeth. Other than those jagged pieces of ivory however, Domokun doesn't look like he's much of a threat.

Eikoh hopes to change this perception with the upcoming
Domokun Sports Suruzo Plush toys where Big Brown dons assorted athletic garb and attempts to look sporty. Domokun wears swim trunks and wraps goggles around his forehead in one Sports Suruzo plush and in another, the beast throws on a natty karate outfit. Each plush measures 18cm or 7.08" in height and preorders are welcome to ship in late May 2008.

Doraemon WakuWaku DS Lite Accessory Kit - Preorder

Despite Doraemon's widespread appeal and related product saturation in Asia and Japan, he still hasn't been exploited enough. Hori makes sure that the robotic cat gets another dose of merchandising squeezed out of him by way of the Doraemon NDS Lite Accessory Kit.

Similar in theme to the Final Fantasy NDS Lite accessory packs, the Doraemon product includes a NDS skin which covers the entire unit, a retractable stylus, a puffy sticker strap, and a DS card carrying case which holds three game cards in its cozy confines. Preorders are welcome to ship on March 6, 2008 at US$23 per kit. Jan Code: 4961818009165 / HDL-171

Star Ocean Second Evolution Accessory Kit - Preorder

Hori dovetails with the upcoming Star Ocean Second Evolution game release by announcing a nifty accessory kit which includes the following items:

» PSP Star Ocean themed headphones with silver-metallic hue
» Face Cover accessory for PSP which is branded with the game logo
» A pair of UMD slide cases for storage of PSP software
» A Star Ocean cellphone strap with springy cord

The four items are packaged in a Star Ocean Second Evolution retail box and preorders are welcome to ship on March 27, 2008. Pricing is set at US$26 per accessory kit.

Jan Code:
4961818009196 / HPP-257

Caltoy Kids Cute Size Kujira Plush Doll - Preorder

The Caltoy whale plushes have been available from NCS since September 5, 2006 and sales have been satisfactory. Measuring a mighty 43cm (16.92") long and nearly as tall, the whales feature a round shape with a teardrop point that pinches off into the tail.

Sega follows up the original Caltoy whales with an encore which shrinks the whales down to a mere 15cm or 5.90" in length. Four color variants are available as follows: Navy Blue, Aqua Blue, Pink, and Gray. Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late May 2008 at US$9.50 per plush.

Caltoy UJ Shachi Plush - Preorder

Sega's celebration of the animal kingdom continues in May when the company releases the Caltoy UJ Shachi (Orca) plush toy. With dimensions even larger than the Caltoy UJ Whale, the Shachi plush measures a staggering 70cm or 27.55" in length. That's over two feet of plush material. The Sega Toys solicitation doesn't mention the weight of each plush but we're guessing it'll weigh in at about 3 lbs. Two color styles are on offer: a standard black Orca plush and dark-blue Orca which looks regal. Preorders are welcome to ship in late May 2008 at US$49 per plush.

Choro Q High Grade Limited Edition - Stock Clearance

Similar to previous versions of Choro Q on the Playstation, Saturn, and Nintendo 64, gamers race on tracks around the world including exotic locales underwater, frozen terrain, and the tropics. Win a couple of competitions and you'll bag enough cash to pay for upgrades to enhance your vehicle's performance. Fans of the series will find more of the same here. Literally. The visual presentation has improved slightly but little else has changed from the PS originals. However, new blood in an old license should still supply enough electricity to make this a buy for Choro otaku.

The limited edition of Choro Q HG includes a mini model Choro car adorned with the "Mitsubishi" and "Ralli Art" marks. A supple plastic figure of a young race queen wearing a tight Choro Q outfit is the other bonus. She stands roughly 7" high with painted eyes and molded body.