Monday, June 27, 2011

 TOYS Space Invaders 30th Anniversay Magnets - In Stock

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» Taito celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Space Invaders franchise in 2008 and the company released an assortment of merchandise to fete the occasion. It was all the way back in 1978 when Tomohiro Nishikado designed the game which featured a contingent of invading aliens opposed by a single cannon. Arrayed across the heavens, the marauders marched downwards in slow and deliberate fashion. However, as their numbers dwindled due to the unerring marksmanship of the defender below, the march would ramp up to a fervent staccato. When the battle came down to one-on-one, the last invader would perform a maniac's march in an attempt to stamp out resistance. It would fail... but the waves would replenish themselves anew, leaving the lone cannon in an unenviable position...

   One of the products that Taito released in 2008 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Space Invaders was a collection of refrigerator magnets. Each factory case contains a total of 20 magnets which feature five types (UFO, three aliens, and the cannon) in four color variations. Each magnet measures approximately 3cm square and adheres to metallic surfaces such as refrigerators, PC cases, stoves, and more.

» Cannon (White, Clear, Red, Black)
» Space Invader 10-points (White, Clear, Red, Black)
» Space Invader 20-points (White, Clear, Red, Black)
» Space Invader 30-points (White, Clear, Red, Black)
» UFO Mystery (White, Clear, Red, Black)

   New orders are welcome to ship today at US$49.90 per factory sealed box of 20 magnets.  

 GEAR Playstation Microfiber Towel - New Import, In Stock

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» Taito releases three Playstation-themed micro fiber towels which may be used for drying, covering, or swaddling as follows:

» White Playstation button-stream design
» Playstation Portable on blue background
» Playstation buttons on black background

   Each towel measures 70cm or 27.55" long. New orders are welcome.

 TOYS Ocean Animals 3D Crystal Puzzles - New Import, In Stock

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» The animals of the ocean are the subjects of interest in Japanese toy manufacturer Epoch's new collection of 3D puzzles. Not just any 3D puzzles however... crystal 3D puzzles. Six ocean animals are featured in the set as follows:

» Manta Ray - A bat-shaped creature that feeds through filtration
» Hammerhead Shark - The oddly shaped head gives it binocular vision
» Dolphin - Cetacean which is probably smarter than most humans
» Shark - Menacing creature of the deep with a jagged multi-toothed bite
» Killer Whale - Related to the dolphin and also known as Orca
» Humpback Whale - Large and playful creature which eats krill

   Each 3D puzzle measures approximately 8cm in length and is made up of at roughly 8 pieces which lock and fit together to create the animals shown in the product solicitation flyer. Two samples are in our gallery.

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