Tuesday, March 01, 2022

TOYS Juicy Honey AVC The Luxury Edition 2022 (2022) New Import $329.98

 Product Synopsis

   Juicy Honey's premium brand "Luxury Edition" has been upgraded for 2022!

   The Luxury Edition is the highlight of the adult trading card universe and 4 sexy actresses of particular interest are taken to a tropical country! New insert cards such as JUICY JEWEL, HONEY EYES, and CLEAR VIEW are finally here!

(1) Hikari Aozora:A bright beautiful girl who looks good in the blue sky of the tropics who makes her debut in Juicy Honey!
(2) Karen Kaede: The most beautiful actress in the sex industry who makes her reutrn to Juicy Honey for the first time in a while!
(3) JULIA: A globally popular actress reappears in the Luxury Edition!
(4) Kana Momonogi: The multi-talented face of Huicy Honey is coming again this year!

   The special quality of the Juicy Honey Luxury Edition cards is the guaranteed inclusion of four special edition cards such as the DNA cards, Lingerie Cards, Autograph Cards, Nipple Stamp Cards, Bra Hook Cards, Illustration Cards, and many more!

Japanese Title: AVCジューシーハニーラグジュアリーエディション2022(青空ひかり&楓カレン&JULIA&桃乃木かな)

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Manufacturer: Mint
Material: Cardboard, Cloth
Japanese Title: AVCジューシーハニーラグジュアリーエディション2022(青空ひかり&楓カレン&JULIA&桃乃木かな)
JAN Code: 4589466360539
Territory/Language: Japan