Thursday, March 01, 2012

 NEWS UPS, Interrupted

   Due to an odd occurrence yesterday where our Japanese shipment was sent... and then returned to the shipper... all of this week's new imports and restock will arrive tomorrow.

X360 Mushihimesama HD - Import Update

NCS Preorder Update
«©NCSX» The first day of preorders for Mushihimesama HD have already surpassed the first day preorder numbers for Under Defeat, Mushihimesama Futari v1.5, and Espgaluda II Black Label. The limited edition of Mushihimesama HD is outselling the regular edition by a ratio of 3:1. Until we update otherwise on our shop description, all preorders will be for the first printing of the game which includes the bonus Mushihimesama Cave Matsuri Ver 1.5 DLC card. Similar to previous Cave releases, the second printing of the game won't include the bonus DLC.