Monday, February 02, 2009

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Sacrifice - Import Preorder

From the Publisher [Preorders ship on February 13, 2009]
Currently under development by Romanian studio Beast, Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Sacrifice combines third-person and first-person gameplay to create an experience like nothing else on Nintendo DS. The stakes are high for players as they take on the role of Buffy to seal the re-opened Hellmouth in an original story penned by Rob Deshotel, a writer from the TV series.

This action-packed 3D survival horror game sees Buffy using a range of special weapons, powerful spells and martial arts to take out vicious vampires and demons. In addition to these enemies, players also come across recognizable characters from the show, including Spike, Angel, the Master, the First Evil, Caleb and, of course, the Scooby Gang.

Nendoroid Kureha - Import Preorder

From the Publisher [Preorders ship in May 2009]
Here to deliver her heart warming touch. From the heart warming RPG Shining Wind comes a Nendoroid version of the dazzling sun maiden, Kureha! Her noble appearance and kind yet strong-willed personality have all been condensed into this cute Nendoroid form.
She can be posed ready to fire her bow whilst gazing ahead at her target, or you can pose her drawing her spirit sword, which is easily one of the most memorable scenes from the game. Both the Yudzuka spirit sword and the Nichirin Resshin spirit sword scenes can be recreated with the included parts, so you can display her using whichever technique best suits the situation.

Price 3,500 Japanese Yen
Release Date May 2009
Specifications Complete painted ABS&PVC figure - not to scale - stand included - approximately 100mm in height
Sculptor Reiichi Itou
Sculpting Assistance Nendoron

Kamonohashi Kamo Umbrella Plush - Import Preorder

«©NCSX» Sanrio/San-X introduced the duckling known as Kamonohashi Kamo over a year ago and Kamo's been the subject of rampant merchandising since then. The latest product announcement is a set of four plush toys where Kamonohashi holds an umbrella while his three friends stand around and watch the sky. Each duck measures 16cm or 6.29" tall and is made of soft, plushy, cushiony material.

Preorders are welcome to ship
in mid-late May 2009 at US$38.90 per complete set of four plushes as pictured in the product photo.

Betty Boop Sexy Leg Dakimakura - Import Preorder

«©NCSX» Roughly 6 years ago, someone at NCS befriended a stripper who had a thing for Betty Boop. Her apartment was filled with Betty Boop artwork, Betty Boop stickers, a Betty Boop vase, Betty Boop stickers, etc. Although she was a grown woman, she applied Betty Boop stickers to household objects that weren't already branded with Betty Boop. She even had a Betty Boop desktop clock where the leg would kick back and forth like a little pendulum. It was all Betty all the time.

NCS is assuming she'll raid our offices when the Betty Boop Sexy Leg Dakimakura (Body Pillow) arrives in May 2009. Japanese manufacturer Furyu will release two styles of the Sexy Leg Pillow which measure 70cm or 27.55" and feature a fishnet design. The Boopster's image may be seen on the leg along with a heart garter and her name in italics. Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late May 2009 at US$48.90 each.

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