Thursday, September 20, 2007

Hitman Reborn!! DS Flame Rumble Kaien - In Stock

The cast of Hitman Reborn! gathers together once more for 2D fighting action. They're joined by Xanxus, the leader of the Varia elite assassination team and his entire killing squad including Superbi Squalo, Lussuria, Leviathan, Belphegor, and more. A total of 26 characters are featured in the game which is twice the roster of the previous NDS Hitman Reborn!! release and 30 characters are available in supporting roles to help a fighter during a bout.
Along with the single-player Story Mode, up to four players may link up wireles
sly for a group battle royale. A Tutorial Mode may be explored to familiarize oneself with the game's fighting system and nuances.

Simple DS Vol. 22: The Zero Yon Shinya - In Stock

Step into the shoes of a night racing lad who challenges 10 lovely ladies in 400m stints. To win a race, one must master the timing of the clutch and shifting gears to defeat aggressive rivals. Once a few races have been won, upgrades such as engines, turbo-boosters, and 50 other types of parts may be bolted onto the vehicle to improve its performance on the track. In addition to winnings, players may also work the 10 mini-games such as window wiping and slot machines to earn extra coin. By starting small and working one's way up to the top ranks of the racing subculture, players go from fledgling rider to king of the road. Two players each with a copy of the game can link up locally for a racing challenge.

R-Type Tactics + Early Bonus - Restock Soon

In the original R-Type game which was originally released in 1987, players struck at the heart of the Bydo Empire by maneuvering a versatile ship known as the R-9a Arrowhead. By bolting on a powerful accessory called the "Force" which was a weapon amplifier, the R-9a was able to single handedly wreck entire Bydo swarms and gargantuan bosses. R-Type went on to become a legend in its own time and spawned numerous sequels. In 2003, Irem shipped R-Type Final and told the market to take the game title literally. It would be the conclusive R-Type shooter.

So far, Irem has kept true to its word and there hasn't been any new R-Type shooters in the past few years. When we spied R-Type Tactics in the preorder listings a few months ago, we figured that some form of R-Type would be better than none. With our quick play-through of the game this morning, we're enjoying the tactical action but we would have loved a hidden original R-Type game bonus somewhere. Alas, there's nothing that we've found so far although there's a nifty Gallery Mode, a Movie Mode, and an Online Battle Mode for two players to link up and do the tactical battle versus thing.

As the game title suggests, R-Type Tactics is all about strategy and tactical maneuvering where squadrons of R-Type ships and a UFCS-05 Cargo Ship are marshaled into theaters of combat. In the first level, the ships are standard issue fighters such as the R-9B1 and the Rwf-9A but more exotic ships may be used in later missions. «NCS Game Notes»

Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops Plus - In Stock

Konami expands the MGS Portable Ops game with scraps of data, new maps, and a new single player "Infinity Mission" mode which piles mission upon mission on players to engage and conquer. Some notable details on the new game are as follows:

New Soldiers
Raiden, Old Snake, Roy Campbell, Johnny Sasaki, Tengu Soldiers, White Genome Soldier, Olga Gurlukovich, and more.

New Stages
Rex Hangar, Pillbox Purgatory, Ghost Factory, Killhouse B, Killhouse C.

New Game Modes
Enjoy exclusive game modes including the single-player "Infinity Mission" and new multiplayer modes that'll test your shooting and escorting skills. A Tutorial Mode helps beginners learn how to conduct stealth operations.

Recruitment Ops
Locate new non-player characters and recruit them into your ranks for trading online or for use in combat.

Preorders will ship today and new orders are welcome.

MGS Portable Ops Plus Deluxe Pack - In Stock

The deluxe pack edition of MPO+ includes two games as follows:

» Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops (The original game)
» Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops Plus (The expansion)

Both games are packaged in a sleek slipcase which bears a silhouette image of Snake from the original MPO game cover.

Sengoku Musou Katana - In Stock

When the battlefields of Warring States beckoned in the past, players usually grabbed a Dual Shock 2 and thumbed their way through the hordes of enemy soldiers. The Wii brings a new dimension to the sword swinging action of the Sengoku Musou franchise by arming players with a Wiimote weapon that's slashed through the air. The nunchuk is used for movement and running so you'll need both hands to play.

When the game first boots up, you'll be asked to select one of your Mii characters which will create a save-data file which stores your player data, mini-game performance data, and general game records. Upon starting the Scenario Mode of the game, players receive their orders from Oda Nobunaga himself and head into battle where the action is viewed from a first person perspective. The Scenario Mode features four chapters and each chapter is comprised of five battles. As enemy soldiers motor in your direction, confront them and swing the Wiimote like a mad man (standing in his living room) to strike them down with a few strokes. Swords are the natural choice for cutting wide swaths through enemy hordes but muskets and bows may also be equipped for projectile attacks. A Challenge Mode (missions) and Competition Mode (mini-games) are also playable.