Tuesday, January 18, 2011

 X360 Otomedius X Excellent - Japanese Import Preorder

NCS Preorder Synopsis
«©NCSX» Mine Yoshizaki lends his artistic talents once again to Otomedius and the result is Excellent. Similar to the original Otomedius, OX is a horizontal shooter where girls who wear their ships around their waists fly against squadrons of enemy forces. Otomedius X feature multiplayer gaming for up to three gamers to soar across the screen in an offline cooperative mode. That means three times the firepower against bosses and their underlings. The game features a total of 11 stages (3 downloads) and new characters including Kokoro Belmont of the Castlevania Belmonts.

   Preorders for the Japanese Xbox Otomedius X import game are welcome to ship on March 24, 2011 at JPY6800 or US$78.90 from NCS.

 NDS Hokuto-Musou Platinum Collection - Import Preorder

NCS Preorder Synopsis
«©NCSX» In the Hokuto no Ken animated series, the heroic Kenshiro Kasumi wanders the wastelands of the future and plays the part of lawman. Ken battles gangs of bandits and thugs to bring a bit of law and civility back into the world. Kenshiro and company have appeared in a number of games in the past few years including a selection of pachi-slot challenges. Koei takes the Hokuto no Ken franchise and immerses it into their "Musou" game engine which most recently hosted the Gundam universe.

   In Hokuto Musou, Kenshiro battles groups of bare-chested bruisers who wear leather pants. They'll crowd around Ken like a pack of wolves but he can fend them off by punching, kicking, and using the almighty
Hokuto Shinken martial art which is capable of destroying enemies from within. Body blows result in copious spurts of blood which eject from thug bodies and some attacks turn foes into what can only be described as "Sloppy Joes." Without the bread. Preorders for the Japanese Xbox 360 import Hokutou Musou Platinum Collection are welcome to ship on March 3, 2011 at JPY3800 or US$49.90 from NCS.

 TOYS Fate/Unlimited Codes: Saber Lily 1/8 Scale Figure Preorder

From the Manufacturer
 The noble white knight, filled with pride.

    The third figure in the 1/8th scale Saber Series sculpted by Toda Satoshi (Yume no Kagutsuchino Koukoku). This time it's the elegant and noble version of Saber from the fighting game "Fate/unlimited codes" - Saber Lily.
    It's got all of Toda Satoshi's unique charms, along with the incredible details on her stunning outfit and armor. It's a figure sure to catch the attention of anyone who sees her!

Saber of Fate/Stay fame is a popular heroine in Japan and she's getting another toy figure that's shipping in June 2011. Saber stands upright with her left hand atop her sword and looks outward with a countenance that is best described as peaceful. Saber's eyes are tinted green in case anyone needed that to be disclosed. The figure measures 18cm tall or 7.08" in height. Preorders are welcome to ship in June 2011. 

NEWS General Updates  

Nintendo 3DS Preorders
Some Japanese suppliers opened up preorders for the Nintendo 3DS last night but the quantities were dismal and the prices were high. We asked for some quantity but it's not clear if our preorder made it in time since the solicitation came in during the wee hours of the morning. We should receive a confirmation tonight and if we were able to snag any, we'll start preorders tomorrow. We'll also list the 10 launch games for preorder tomorrow which include three versions of Nintendogs + Cats, Street Fighter IV 3D, Sengoku Musou Chronicle, Ridge Racer 3D, and Layton Kyouju To Kiseki No Kame. A slew of accessories are being offered by Hori but we'll cherry pick any worthwhile ones and throw them up for preorder tomorrow.
   As mentioned last week, the Japanese Nintendo 3DS is region-locked so that it can only play Japanese 3DS game cards and software downloads. Please note the region limitation before considering a preorder. Thanks.
Xbox 360 Arcana Heart 3 HRAP
If anyone is interested in ordering the Xbox 360 version of the Arcana Heart 3 HRAP, it's available again as of last night from distributors who offered it for restock.
Fast Striker
A replacement shipment is being sent from NGDev this week using our import account since the first shipment appears to be lost(?)
Import Software Delays
Spike has pushed the release date of PS3 Samurai Dou 4 from February 17 to March 3, 2011 and Atlus has delayed PSP Persona 2 Tsumi from March 3 to April 14, 2011. All preorders are being kept intact and will be processed upon arrival.

GALLERY Evangelion Wet Suits, yours for only $2,000. Each.  

NCS Synopsis
   Remember when you first laid eyes on your first episode of Evangelion and marveled at the skin-tight plugsuits that Rei Ayanami, Asuka Langley, and Shinji Ikari wore? Snazzy, right? Amirite? Well, Japanese designer Lightair has produced plugsuits (no zippers) that may be adorned by cosplayers who want to look like an Evangelion handler. Pricing is set at JPY163,800 each which is about US$2000 per suit.